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The Young Man, Angel And Wolf

As the wolf runs as fast as he can througout the forrest

 He finds a young man lying unconcious on the ground

The protector that the wolf is he lays down

under the shade of the tree to keep safe watch over the young man

within the shadows he stay till the sun arose the next day

then apeared in the mist of the early day an angel

within the glistening light of the sun

Her hair was so soft like that of soft baby rabbits

her eyes so wide, bright and beautiful

her wings as graceful as those of the flight of an eagle

together they awaited the young man to awake

when he finally wakes and rises to his feet

as the wolf takes his side to protect him

seeing that he is safe not to colapse and fall

as the angel takes his stare

as she gently explains that she was sent to be with him

to protect him saving his life

as he had taken a great fall down the steep revene

the angel told the wolf to always remain at his side

for if he should look death in the face again he will not be saved next time

so taking the young man under his sight

 they traveled together in search of the freedom of life

for the claiming of his plot of the land

with the race against time

this man ran his route in search of his land

cross river bed and wheat feilds he runs till he

finally spots his claim

with every single fight he won to give this land his name

stood the wolf by his side protecting him with fight and dominancy

he stuck his flag within his land

together the stood tall as they began to build a home on where they stood

this was how the young man became a hero then

with his new home

he sat in watch and took soldiers in as wounded they came

for this was his life

He did not want to see the fall of yet another man fall who fell wounded at his land

bringing them in one by one his wolf and he began their new journey

saving the soldiers outside his front door who they themselves were wounded in the war

helping them out he waited till they were well

then together he and wolf took them to find their own land

 forgetting the horrible trials of the war

this was the story of the young man, angel and wolf

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You bring me up when I am down

you help to turn my views of life around

you see thru me like noone does

you make happy when I am sad

you give me compfort when I need you most

you complete me where I have fine line cracks seperating my inner person

you complete me like no one else can

you bring the sun to me even if there is rain

you erase my sadness making me wake up

you give me company when I am lonely

you let me cry on your shoulder when I need a good cry

you give me a hug when I can nolonger cry

you brighten my day in every way

you are my everything

you are my life long dream

you hold onto the love I have

keeping it locked away

where you only hold the key

for no one else to enter in

you understand me when no one else can

you are a frien when I need a friend

what better could I ask for in life that you

we can discuss anything with no mis communication

you are angel i need

your my true one and only

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In Search Of Peace – Trey Love

I think of you each day

With my heart filled with sad song

watching from a window

of a computer screen just to follow how you are doing

you’re a tiny soul so young

with such a tiny brain

your live you were given in such a sad shame

they’re not giving you long only four to six weeks more in time

I sit here wondering what your last days you will have shall be

there is never a single day that I don’t wonder and pray for you to have still another day

In search of peace

there’s not much I know about neuroblastoma

but what things I have read and seen are a sure shame for any little life it’s seen

Life in itself is hard enough

then to give a life-like you’ve lived is not one that I could even try to imagine

You are so young with such a big heart

so many have loved you throughout time thus far

they will continue for much longer ever more I am sure

what will your last wish be I wonder

I wish there were more to be done

but somewhere very soon you’ll see the real sun shining brighter than ever than it ever has before

where then you will become a real man and be there with him

with your eternal life then

I know than you will be happier than ever you have been so far

and the people you love and who love you most will be satisfied

as never before as they will then realize that you are suffering no more

no more tears will be shed from that day on for they will know that you have settled safe with him

there at God’s right hand to lay your final rest down next to him

by his feet there you will stay as he then will care for you as he always had everyday before

rest little man you have outstood a good life and your story of love and hope will always live on

living on in all those who knew you best

loving you thru each step that you faced

helping you to have overcome and  outlive this new name in fame

doing nothing more than just being in search of peace

with love and stronger hope for all

Trey Love

a subtle name in my local community

facing the battle with


so young in time

you’ve truly outlived that name telling your story all so far

for everyone to learn and know

you’ve opened doors of hope for others

who are facing your same tragic needs

 from this horrible monster of disease

who live their lives still in search of peace

rest easy tiny child you’ve done enough

it’s time for your rest so you will finally feel your best

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This Is Reality

When you have thought you finally made it
But then your takes a big blow
You look at it through your innocent eyes not knowing where to go
With things you just don’t understand
Sometimes not even knowing who people are
Not even knowing yourself
You try and try to make sense of it all but find it only fizzles out
Having thoughts you don’t dare think and facts that you dread with visions of the future events you may not want to believe
Dreams you can’t always see
This is the reality
No matter how many times you try to push it all away
It Just returns hitting you even harder in the face
You learn to face the fact of reality
Push to conquer your dreams
Look for hope in the future of the things that you have seen
Thinking of logic reasoning to try and solve life mysteries
Living life day to day
In search of a better way
Not always finding answers or relief right away
But moving forward to ones safe place knowing you have made it this far
Celebrating and excepting even things you don’t understand
Creating your place where you stand
This is reality
This is reality

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No Need To Cry

Hush little one
Daddy’s here
No need to cry
Close your sleepy eyes
You have had a good day and have finally waken up
May God bless your tiny soul and let you rest some more
for Lord know’s you need your rest as any child does
You are safe in daddy’s arms
no need to cry
You’ve had a rough journey living kinda in coma for the past few days but now you are safe
again soon you can play but no tiny one you just need to rest
there is always time for play in another day
Daddy’s there and he’s holding you tight

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In That Tree Stairing Down At Me

Little bird sitting in a tree branch staring at me. With your feathers so fluffed you look so pretty. Opening your wings grooming yourself. What so you think as you sit in that tree staring down at me. Maybe I am a giant who scares you. Maybe you are hungry should I put out some blueberries and seed for you to eat? You sit there looking down at me maybe you are protecting young nearby me. What do you think little bird, what’s on your tiny little brain. Is there a nest that I can not see? Little bird sitting there in that tree don’t fear me rather sing a beautiful song to my ear so pretty and in elegant tone. Your just a little bird sitting there staring at me. With our lives so different I would love to know what you think. Enjoy and rest sitting upon that high branch up in that tree staring down at me.

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Unable To Breath

With every breath I take I feel my chest get tighter. It is as if someone is holding me down. Although o am not even lying down. I see my life flashing before my eyes. As fear takes over my mind. I don’t feel safe for the time I can’t breath, while I long and await him to be by my side. If he were here holding me then I could breath even if really couldn’t. Like a wind tunnel is the way of my lungs as I fight each day just to breath. Even with my airway filled my mouth remains open trying to get the air as my chest gets tight and like a dieing balloon still loosing It’s air regaining my fear. Like suffication taking me over it continues to get even more complicated.  This is my life not one I chose but the one I have to live and deal with. Remaining fighting the fight of being unable to breath.

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