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Sexstasy; Romance In Ecstasy

Romance drifting in the winds
The winds like a tornado
Hearts beating fast
As his hand runs along my shoulders
Sensational kisses he lays upon my neck
As I squirm and rumble
Under his soft firm touch
The gentleness of his fingers
His kiss nibbling my ears
With silent breathing whispers
He begins to remove my clothes
As he lays upon my breasts
Caressing my cleavage of my bustled chest
As I become weak and lifeless in shallow ecstasy I surrender myself
As he goes deep into my soul
Then thinner thrusts begin
In gentle slow motion at first
Then becoming faster and more plunging
I begin to lament in seductive romance
Fondling begins as expressions
Nestled in each other’s arms
Strokes of the temptation
Strokes of the touch beginning the experience
As we cuddle and massage each other’s pudendum
Breathless I fill in the air
As he goes still deeper
Then the thrust becomes more steadily heavy
And we have a simultaneous release
As we snuggle close in ecstatic ecstasy and wonder
No other experience could out flow that feeling afterwards
In that erotic grasp of pleasure

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In My Ocean

In the midst of the night

We talk in the light of the moon

Like lovers do

I want to kiss you passionately

Run my fingers down your chest

I want you to dive into my ocean

Giving me quivers and tremors of love

Make love to me

I want to feel you surround my body

Intense and in ecstasy

In bliss I’m addicted to your love

Your body so close with mine

Intensely you dive deep

My ocean flooding you in the deep

Thrusting in intimate pleasure

You slide within me

Sweet ocean deep

Making passionate love to me internally in sequence of style

This is a passion party

Cum in and stay a while

Cuddle till the end

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Sexual Pleasures

The spread of her legs

As she lay flaunting in her bed

Rubbing her hands across the sheets

Sliding her feet at the bottom of the bed

Rubbing leg to leg

As he comes walking in

Setting the mood for the sexual pleasures

He lays down beside her as she circles body to body around him

Motions now begin from hand to hand

As he steadily grabs and runs his fingers upon her breasts

Lips to lips the wild party begins

Legs wrapped upon the thighs again

His hand moves to between her legs as her flaunting becomes massive gentle squirming

As she moans in delight

And his hands wander in sexual pleasure again

He brings to a vertical honor

Thrusting begins

In and out In stimulants he performs

As she gets so wet within

His hand again wandering over her breasts

As heavy breathing she begins

Toes inner twinned

And he starts to moan in masculinity

Together they wander in sexual pleasure

Then he thrusts one more time as he releases his manly sperm

Within her moist heaven

Together they work into climax

In the moment

Then the heavenly sexual pleasure fully flows

As they lye and cuddle in romance

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A Lovers Dream

Amazing in sensation

Glee in your eyes

Tender touch of loving vibes

Caress that marks no other

Embrace that lights any room

Lips to lips we gently kiss

Cheek to cheek we cuddle

Essentials you can not describe

An aura you give off

In a lover’s dream

Passion in the way you speak

As you run your fingers through

My long flowing hair

Hand in hand

Legs inner twined

As I hear the beat of your heart

Your sensual whispers in my ears

Bodies interacting in a lover’s bliss

Vibrant vibes resting within

A full flowing erection

In essential need

All in spirit in a lover’s dream

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