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Hear My Heart Cry….Just Me

In the silence of the dark you will see no light
In the sound of the night is held silence not any crowds
In the silence you will hear my heart cry
as my heart renders no words and holds much pain

In daylight you will see me sparkle and glow as I shine upon all whomever come along my way
I give and try to make them have a brighter day as I hinder and hide amongst my own deep pain

Leaving all the advice for those I care about and love
And leaving my very own self behind
Some look at me in shame
some look at me in love
Some look at me in fame
For myself I look at me all the same as I just lay here to remain just as I am as I became

In the silence of the dark you will see no light
In the sound of the night is held silence not any crowds
In the silence you will hear my heart cry
as my heart renders no words and holds much pain
But this is all okay for this is how I grew
Into what I became

This is what I learned along my way
What I saw from that which I had needed to see
Heard those things I needed to hear

I became who God had made me to be.
I am who I am and will always be just me.

In the silence of the dark you will see no light
In the sound of the night is held silence not any crowds
In the silence you will hear my heart cry
as my heart renders no words and holds much pain but in the end I am who I am just me.


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The Angel Who Withstand And Outlive Everything

She has a heart filled with joy throughout the year, he hair is long and auburn to shine and shimmer bright in the fall to winter in the seasons of love she weighs out and burdens each day she is staying upon her simple clouds

With each weigh she is given her mission to change someone’s life She does more her share and feels the deep dark secrets and hidden feelings of those she saves tearing new wears and breakage in her so big heart

Even and angel can feel the burdened weight of the one she is to protect and save. She feels as we feel. She is sometimes thrown to tears also.

This angel pushes thru so much good and bad you can see in her wings all the wear and tear she begins to get. With broken wings holding her by faith and her now brittle beautiful hair, and her always mending a wounded breaking heart Along with her own self worth and broken emotion tain smeared face

She still has a will to stay at task force of doing what she has truly been called to do. To still piece herself back together and stay a strong angel of wondering love and still be sent on task again.

Yet she is still as beautiful as ever before but with some short lived wear and tear through over and thru out her hair as well.

She is still a living and faithful angel sent out to stay and remain by your side. She is the is the angel who withstands and out lives everything

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I Have Helped You Stand Upon Your Two Feet Again.

I have given you my heart.
I have turned over all my soul
I have held out my hand to help you stand upon your two feet when you were tumbling day and night in a distorted life.
I have given you love like you well deserve I have been a friend and will remain one until the end.
I have changed your life as you have me.
I have lead you along the golden way and have made things better and brighter for you when you have led yourself astray.
When you were traveling down the wrong path I didn’t run away I was a friend and I stayed
I made you see the things that you could not see.
Giving you all you ever wanted or needed even when I couldn’t even afford.
Together each of reopening our hearts instead of walking away from all hopes and dreams in sight and giving up life all in all
Giving me a chance to change our lives We’ve made friends out of it all and blown sparks throughout the lands some making those sparks burn on strong and fly off some of there very own.
We have come and pulled along so far why ya thinking this now
Pull you head back out of that deep dark muggy hole
Don’t think like that
You know we pulled ourselves away from the negatives of there and began life in the positives turning around our lives of what once were
Don’t fall back in the deep darks of evil and shadows, don’t lead that path again. You and I both know that those paths along will get you nowhere.
Hold out your neck, keep your head high and get those thoughts kicking them right out that door.
You may not walk that path again once more. Rethink these ideas and do what’s right you and I both know you really don’t want tonight to be your last night.
I have given you my heart.
I have turned over all my soul
I have held out my hand to help you stand upon your two feet when you were tumbling day and night in a distorted life.
I have given you love like you well deserve I have been a friend and will remain one until the end.
I have changed your life as you have me.

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The Desolate Child

Sitting by a small window in her room she peers out to see all daylight she can. Trapped in a life that no-one understands. They have not lived through what things she has. Surging break ups good and bad. Loosing just about every friend that she had. Surviving multiple rapes that were not easy and the abuse of a loved boyfriend she has hurried herself in fear hiding behind her many a face. To the loss and death of a child and the birth of three other beautiful babies to give them life.  Unable to drive with a medical history turned into a book with how many issues lye upon her medical plate. She has lived a desolate life with feeling of dismay and worthlessness in her head. Covering her eyes afraid to look back or ahead from fear. Locked within her own mind that the demons will coke after her once more again. Her life at her fingertips yet she can’t even feel it there. This desolate child has wasted away with nothing and no-one to bring her back and take her home. With one breath she gasps to try once more to release all this burden away from her. Feeling alone like no one is there she sits and cries, still sitting by that window to see and take in all that daylight praying she will once become happy merely one last time before she dies. Thinking and questioning will there even be anyone at her death or even her wedding if she were to find the very right man to accept her as she is and take her hand, taking her in. Who does she even know without being able to get outside that very window to really experience reality or even get out to mingle and meet new faces whom she has never seen. This is the desolate soul that she was given to receive as her very own life indeed. It is not something that she had choice of or can change.
This is just her life. The life of which she cries and hides. The life that noone understands truly how it feels inside except the feelings of this desolate child living inside. She is just another lost child with a desolate soul forgotten by everyone outside and within her shut in life. She is the desolate child.

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I Humble Myself To You

I sit in the midst of you and can’t believe how lucky I am and how I came to have you in my life. I subtlety humble myself into your presence as to not hurt or burden you so that you could be just who you were meant and born to be. Not to change you and keep you just as you are, and how I like you in reality. You are really my dream and all I have ever seen within my life of fantasy. You are the personality and style of just the way that I would want my man to be. Kind hearted, down to earth, mature, and honest with knowledge and soul in heart. You make me stay focused and aware of my environment, surroundings and journey in life bringing out the very best of me. You understand all that I feel and believe and never try to change me or force me to see and feel things differently. You in all words said complete me. I can be who I want to be. With you not afraid to be with me holding my hands and publicly. I see this love and hopes that you have for me. I mean more than anything and anyone to you as you do to me. I would drop my life down to floor to save you from any danger and harm. I would hold out my arm to help pick and raise you up when you fall. I would show you all I could throughout eternity before your time come for us to part when you die. I truly humble myself to you in all that. You are, and all that you mean to me. I humbly smile just as you make me notably happy. This is when I realize that I am truly blessed.

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Fox Ballet

To frolic like two little children
They France and bounce today
Sly as any other in their sneaky
Slick old way

Prancing about in the big open yard playing as they may
Sitting with style prouncing one another in mystery of each stride

Then running off into nowhere just as quick as they came.
So Galent they wonder through the woods as I had tried to take some photographs to keep near.

Subtle and coy they still frolic running now with joy
uncertain of their travel
Reminicing in the pure beauty
with every gaze

As if to say come play alongside
They run side by side
Biting in play amongst each others smooth soft quilt of fur

They rum along to play and and hunt is follow each others lead as any other day.

As If to dance among the dandelions they run and stray
As if to do fox ballet

With a great gorgeous sleek coat of reed and chestnut brown and a tail that just flaunts itself about in throughout the wilderness and the nature of earth beyond like a grace filled moment in the thicket of the forest in this fox ballet.

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A Mothers Worst Fear

A day where all seemed to just go way wrong
A mother living out one of her worst fears that her child before her with a more than just home remedy injury
A injury of severity

Having to stay at her side without leaving her at anytime
Not in will but oddest of the doctor that she seen

Not really knowing of she is truly okay
Bitterly biting teeth and clinging to prayer

Continuing to hang in on faith
A mothers worst fear of her child is okay and safe.

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The Interview

Hands trembling, fingers tapping
Breathing fast
Blood rushing throughout their veins

Your heart pounding against your chest
Pulsing with every beat

Hot sweats start in and adrenaline begins
You become figety and jittery
As you begin the taping of a pen

You sit back and listen
still trying to relax
Listening to the silence
feeling all alone the only sound around is the whirring of a fan

The interview begins
While you quietly pray
You listen to his questions
Unsure of what to say or reply
You only pray it be all words of good that you honestly say

Still racing as you sit there in that seat you can do nothing more but await the next question he has in store

Hating this nerve racking uncomfortable feeling
You sit in silence
So honestly intense

Your nerves begin making you jittery and stutter your speech with each and every sentence which you try to speak

You say to yourself
With a moment to think
Telling yourself you failed
Saying with lack of words so that no one hears
You say there’s no way that they’ll choose me

Yet a still smaller voice with a loud whisper says shut up now..don’t talk like that

One small flicker of a flame in your heart holding on and holding you tall

You tell yourself
keep hope dear, no worries here
We are still in the running
Stay very near

So patiently you sit back and continue to respond as you slow you slow your breathing
and hold on to that remain one tiny flame of hope nestled so deep within

In hopes that this one tiny flame will hold on strong enough to keep on its own feet
Keeping in front running for the spot

Your almost done here
You’ve made it this far don’t bail out now

Weather you win or loose
Your already suceeding by being here

Either way good or bad
This will shed some light upon your next path or door

Good luck
I think as I focus and pray that all I have said and done will have favor on me
Knowing in the end God will provide a way

I tell you this is all normal
With any interview or meeting that you may attend

Although I must admitt I do not remember such an intensity last time the interview and I met

Wow! Ease up on me some…
You don’t understand
This feeling of intense is bringing me to meet the uncomfortables at hand

Reminding myself one more time I as I say…Stay focused and relaxed all will be okay, and in the end it was and I pulled thru strong.

No matter if I win or loose I am still holding strongest number one for me

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We Still Believe, All Will Be Okay

With tears in his eyes
a rumor came as a big surprise
With all he knew and could not understand everyone looking up to him then doubting him

Where was this assumption coming from and why had they been attacking at him

Suddenly all his fame before his eyes staring him in the face as it gets washed away

Trying to regain where the water broke thru he grasps onto whatever is in his reach to hang onto and hold pulling himself back up on hope

He stands again on his feet standing his ground
Trying to rebuild that which was knocked down with attack and force

It is there that he remains
Holding firm unto his faith and belief

He himself only knows the truth and whatever happens next will help him pull on thru

In the end whatever comes next he will be carried high on his guardians back until the time is right

where he may win or loose his fight, but in the very end all will come out alright and we who have that faith and believe can together stand up and say God is with us,

Justin we still believe and have the faith that all will be okay and will help pull you thru. No matter what comes we will not walk away

God will pull you thru
You may drop and feel real blue
But once you do he will push you back up real high maybe even higher than before

He will give you a new path to journey and open and unlock a new door

All will be okay
All will be okay

**Written with and in heart of Justin Beiber and his current news of a baby 2011**

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Wings Of The Angels

Wings of the angles she sent to me
To carry me and protect me and to remind me

Remind me of the love she held so dear and remind me of the love he has for me

Wings of the angels she mailed to me
Bringing love and joy unto me

Carefully mailed thru the snail mail the only gift I have received
These angel wings are here to bless me and remind me of moms love she gave, and remind me of Gods love he gave to me

He gave me life and held me tight to save I myself had lost my way
Bringing me back to reality angel wings is what I got to make me believe in hope and to remind me again of this life he has blessed in me

Wings of the angels is what she gave me

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