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The Way People Communicate And Understand Me

If there were one thing I wish that could ever be changed

 it would be the communication lever within and surrounding me

Throughout myself and my journey in life

I have found faults in the way that people communicate with me

I try to try but getting no where

I step away in search of fresher calmer air

from being ignored, not listened to, not heard or mocked

to not understood and condemned because of my thoughts

from being judged or taken to heart the wrong way when heard

saying things I mean to say one way but yet meaning it a totally different way all together

expressing myself in many different ways including

writing, word of mouth and speech

trying to express what I feel and saying it all the same

has never been easy to me

trying to make a new friend, meet a new face or stay in connection with those closest in my life

are seldom for me

I may open up well on the days that I try

but hidden deep inside

within my tiny small trusted frame

I stay desolate, quiet, and all in familiars with just me

Yes, I can be a social butterfly once you have gotten to know me

but warming up to anyone outside of me and to you is not easy one bit for me to do

although I make baby steps at least to try

communication is not an easy place that works for me

I would love to say that everyone understands me

but too many a time

we just don’t see eye to eye

with what I try to express getting mangled and twisted within rubble and mess

to things that I can say

coming out the wrong way

hurting me or others along its route out of me into life any given day

Not always meaning what has been said or done

trying to change it, apologize for the way it came out and getting turned down

or trying again only making it worse

If I could change one thing any given day

it would be to change the way of communication with me

knowing I could or would be understood

to trusting that I won’t be mocked or laughed or judged for my mouth or the things that I say or believe

Knowing and holding onto the fact that I was heard, understood and believed in life

trusting that I could open up more to my friends or family

that no one on earth or my circles I know would turn and talk or make fun of me

trusting that I could always be a social butterfly

not being hidden and shy

my closest friends not feeling ignored or betrayed

I never said or meant that

I just tend to stay quiet hidden and to myself.

It’s just me

I’m sorry

I don’t know how to change who I was born to be

but if I could change one thing on any given day

the way people communicate with me and understand me

is what it would be.

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Once A Legend To Live Out A Dream

A legend lives forever in the hearts and souls they’ve touched
Not soon or ever forgotten among the few to many they’ve so short seen and grown fond
A legend lives forever in experience, memories and there on beyond
Once to have come in so far there is no turning back
The journey keeps repeating even past death
It lives forever in voice thru us
We become the voice for tomorrow and spread out the words
Once a legend you have touched your fair share
You claimed your number well and you made it into fame
Creating a lit spark, growing flame to have all who knew you memorize and. Learn and keep your name
Although we all can’t become that keen all legends usually can
This is how a legend forms another legends name
To always be remembered as they were and who they were for one day someone new will still again become inspired some more.
Once a legend to live out a dream

Written in tribute to Whitney Houston’s death at 48
I grew up with her and loved her all the same as those who cherished her just as much in just hearing her name.

Although she will be missed loved she will always be and still live on in memories and fame still to live on just by her name

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To Be Married Finally…No Longer A Dream

I gather together ideas of that one special day. Already having my apparel picked out and ideas in my head. Awaiting that day I shall one day be wed. Minds eye alert and open minded of each new style that begins to come out. Nothing planned or day picked put just ideas full of surprise and still on a burning flame that the day will come and fill my fame with glory and future family to share with. Fulfilling a dream never yet seized and giving me a feeling I have not yet surpassed. Walking an isle I have not yet strutted. Being for one day my very own a princess or beauty queen. That day will be a day just for me. A day for me alone to be with him throughout eternity . For us to begin our own journey into the next happy place traveled happily. Just married…happy. No longer a dream…but a chance to be married finally. Thoughts I ponder quite frequently actually. Though you’d never know it not much to be seen. First things first he’s gotta propose to me and before doing that he’s gotta find me. To be married finally… No longer a dream but into reality.

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The Big Bright Blue

She’s got her eyes on you
She’s got her eyes on you

She’s got her eyes on you
On the big bright blue

She’s got her eyes on you
She’s got a voice of words

She’s got a lot of love and heart that’s pure

She’s got her eyes on you in the sun of day

She’s got her eyes on you all of the way

In sun and snow, she sees you in the big bright blue

She’s got her eyes on you
She’s got her eyes on you
She’s got her eyes on you
On the big bright blue

She’s got her eyes on you
She’s got, She’s got

She’s got her eyes on you

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