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Have You Forgotten Me

Have you given up on me

my life has not felt yet the same

I feel sadness and sorrow and down low ahead

I see you in the distance as I sleep and rest my head

things are quite different then what they used to be

Have you given up on me

I am concerned as I feel shutter and fear

nested deep within my stomachs path

I have not forgotten who you are

I have not forgotten what roads you travel far

my loves never lost

always within the same place

life just eats me and exhausts my whole spiritual being

My love never wonders

for it knows where the best stays

constantly thinking even within rest

quiet it lyes fast asleep in the night

even in dreams it reassured it sees our gleaming light

I have not left or forsaken you

but I ask once more…

have you forgotten me

I understand trust me I do

living in this distance and not near or with you

it doesn’t live on easy street

no one said that it did

but seeing you so panic-stricken and sad, upset within

it makes me question once more

the where about of us lying within

have you forgotten me

I said it yes I did

have you forgotten me…are we done

I don’t really vow to know

but in the gut of my heart it is what I must know

our dreams written amongst the stars for all to see

yet feels as if you have lost or left me

destined to be together

feeling as if you have walked away

have you forgotten me

I must know indeed

have you forgotten me

leaving me alone to weep alone in the night

to see you sad and know you haven’t much been around

the question still remains

the question that still remains holding on

as I sit and stare at nothing there and ponder what is running within that brain

Have you forgotten me and who I am

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My Foolish Heart

My foolish heart believing on love
Standing within familiar which seems to fit for I know it best

But familiar is not so good
Scared and confused knocking at my own hearts door
Trying to let light seep in knowing that as hard as I try I may not win
My own love burning in flame as I search in the journey on my own day.

Laying low awaiting my life’s destination

 on this curvy road that my foolish heart is traveling

seeing dreams that begin then fail

Hearts being broken with every next day
Relentless of the trails that lye ahead.
My foolish heart holding on tight.
Living here within the light trying to find my way.

New surpises for each new day

nothing ever going or seemung my way

as life spins the bottle and washes dreams away

love in the waiting as you want and search it right now

hope living fresh inside as you try to keep your own flame burning

Knowing what it is that you see in your mind

yet having to play life’s game

discrased at the views that you may see

My foolish heart begining to fade

as the dreams I have made have begun to vanish or stray

I just can’t let life have it’s way

I’ll fight from now until forever to have you and me

no matter what I may face

that’s what love is

a battle amongst life

for you to keep safe what you cherish most

that is where my foolish heart lies

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Dark Intent

In a deep dark hole is where I lye
No one near to hear me cry
With dark intent flaring within
Dark intent, dark intent
Burning from a deep wide vent
Burning down beneath where no one knows just where I hide
With rage and anger dreading inside
Dark intent, dark intent
Falling over me with silence
Taking my life and all I have
To rest aside all of my grief
To take no more as no courage I have left
My heart shut down to the things I seek
Loss of hope filled flame has blown out
Left in this dark intent that is all that is left of me
Dark intent, dark intent
Fear, reject is what I deals feel within
Dark intent has grown in size and my heart has been left in the dust and dirt to rot and die
Dark intent is what I face
As nothing is left to shine the light
Shall It go black, or travel white
Within my life nothing seems right
Fate tearing apart every plan
While nightmares of dreams awakes from sleeps in fear throughout the nights
A dream is just not a dream when it threatens your mind in the shimmer and lights.
Life is not the same right now
With this dark intent filling my soul.

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The Chimney

Raging in fury
Full thick black clouds filling the rooms Of every corner within view
Alarms beginning to portray and sound a sound of alarm and worries of all within ears reach.
Frantic and searching throughout and about no answers to arise
This all came as a big surprise and a new unsolved mystery at hand.
Black suit staining the roof and the frame as pieces of the chimney have melted away.
Asking help from the insurance who insures all is well
Yet left with no heat and winter and a family left within the cold for the night
Nowhere to turn as not an answer in sight
No sight of flame can be seen with the eye
Just left over suit and black mess of array.
Where this was once a chimney now left melt away by this hidden fire we did not see.
Questions still unanswered but happy and aware that all are still alright thanks to the friend of the dog who warned them before anything could get out of hand and alerted master before time was too late.
Thanks to the dog we call man’s best friend who plays to be friend even in signs of the end.
In the chimney is where it seemed to play out.
Leaving the roof and sides nothing but misty black on and throughout.

****Dedicated to anyone who has experienced the haste of taking part on the loss of property, homing, or everything in or to a house fire. I can say that I now know what pressure and tragedy that is like. May God bless you all. ****

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Baby Crazy

Baby your crazy
You gotta be nuts
Baby we’re crazy
Together this is how we live life
with each other going crazy in and out of love with each other wanting life with each other nothing but forever

Baby we’re crazy
We gotta be nuts
Together living our lives
Up and down on many different roller coaster rides under the sun and moon finding ourselves in the gleam of it’s light

I like you no matter how ugly and insensible you or things in life may seem or be
You make me crazy
You make me feel just like me
Just as we are as
You make me making me crazy

Invisible to others is what I become
With no one around but you and me
Baby, baby you make me crazy


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The World Of Grey And Betray

We can at times take life for granted, leaving our most treasured and sacred possessions behind to gain our pleasure, riches or entertainments to fill the word made of just the way we like it, creating life. Filling our times with the things that we enjoy or would like more freedoms or entertainments of. Forgetting who we are and leaving behind the most precious to us. Filling it with what seems so good at the time, until we learn afterwards how wrong we were at the time of doing that which was wrong. You need to rebuild and mend time can not be changed. It is what it is, it is as we created who we are, have become or have learned along the way. This is your very own life. This is you. It can be changed in time but only by you alone, as only I can change my life. You are the pilot on this ride. Don’t run to hide or crawl under your bed it is not that easy. Your troubles will remain. They will not go away until you have stared them down and had a face on with them. Creating the balance between to form who you were meant to truly be. You don’t gotta listen to me, but If you do just remember I am just another face trying to help you to find your face amongst the world of grey and betray. To find just who you are and the face you see looking at you in a mirror each day.

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I Remember The Day

I am remembering when you were inside me. Your tiny fingers and tiny feet. The smile you have when you were getting the ultrasound. I Remember the movement you had once done in my belly. I remember you as if I knew you, even though you never came to earth. You would be twelve now becoming a big girl. I miss you even now after you’ve been gone for years now. It would have been nice to meet you but God had other plans for you and I. Yet you came to visit me on the Christmas after I had lost you. Each year I still celebrate the special day you were to be born. I’ll always love you like my daughters I do have for you will always be mine. Katrina I love you.

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