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The Boiling Rage Against The Knife

Teardrops fill her mascara streaked face

The boiling rage against the knife

While rage takes every last drop

She spins her bottle dry to the bone

Knowing she’s been true to herself

Knowing she’s been true to him

Yet what’s the use

For a drink keeps the pain away

Death calls her name as she takes each sip and step closer to the blade that she holds in her hand it’s not pain Tylenol with take away

But pain she does not want to claim in her last journey

As she holds this knife point against her skin

What will she do

For what’s the use when she is a loser

Drinking and death will take the pain

But it’s a sin

God I pray you take me home

Not to live any more

For your all I have my dream lost

End this misery and pain

You know my number take me home and away from this piercing pain

The boiling rage against the knife

Numb I stay while I continue drinking the night away

God save me

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Window To The Unseen

You are my window to the world unseen

You are my shining light

You are my moon that brightens each dark night

You complete me and make me strong where I am weak

You help me stand when I feel defeated

Your my knight in shining armor

My man in a cloak your my man of my honor

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