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Puppy Love

My puppy is an angel

more like a princess

everybody loves her

The unicorns are shining down on her

with sparkles from above

While angels see her face

with her beauty they start to cry

she’s a loving carefree puppy

I love my puppy very much

she out numbers every puppy

 in the whole wide world

Some puppies are cute

 but my puppy is the cutest

that ever there was

I would never hurt or harm my puppy ever

She is the best puppy I have ever known

I love my puppy so much

my love overwhelms my beats of my heart

 my puppy love will go on till the day that my heart beats stop beating

Written by: BrieAnna, Age 7


Your Judgement Day

you stand upon a rock hoping no one will come your way. looking at the world in many different rays. seeing the light beams shine and shadow in different clouds of ray. Thinking upon yiur own life and realizing your own disaray and dismay. Hoping that no one is watching along but you. Naming yoir own disaster that you know rings true. The coming of tomorrow to face your own day. The day of judgement has come for you. Your very own judgement day. wanting no bad names or mocking to ring in amd sound, you hold your head low hoping that no one will mock you or make fun of you goving you your due. Letting you do what needs to be done for you alone to face your own judgement day as it should be. It’s not theirs it’s yours and they have no say eventhough they think they may.
face today what will come tomorrow. The coming of your judgement day.

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My Tangled Web

tangled in a web that does not end. Day by day i stand by looking for someone whom i could call a friend. Standing alone with a web piling high each day of my life. Whisping in the cold breeze of the wind becoming worne and dry in the warm sunlight as it gains holes from wear and tear in my life that is going no where. Why do i worry and why do I care? because It is all I have in life to save and try to form in right. It is my kids, my blood all my name has left to live for and at least continue and fight yo try. It’s my tangled web of life.

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Good Day, Goodnight

The sun has set, day has gone

No time to frett, moving on

no whsiper within the black midnight wind

no tears falling from the skies

the day is gone and the moon is high

stars are filling the midnight sky

time to lay upon the bed and silently rest upon my head

good Day, goodnight


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The Late Night Blog

The late nights blog is what I look forward to each day

That is truly my time away from life and kids of the daily everyday

this may sound selfish and all about me

but that is what ,y alone time is just suppost to be

The late night blog is what keeps me focusing on yet another day

while it clears my head just before bed of all the stressors making me unable to rest my head

the late night blog is what keeps me saine

while I blog about just what is truly bothering me

I think i will not walk this one away

but keep it instead and look for the next blog to be on it’s way for me again tommorrow in the new day.


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The Pain Of Nothing Else

Tearing beneath the skin I feel the rapture, the pain.

I plead and beg arguing within for it all to walk away.

this firey pain still raging strong as pain overwhelmes my inside like nothing else.

That all hits the fan as the last tear I have falls.

My nerves shot.

Trembling in the hands has begun.

I have no more to reach out or give.

and am so tired of holding on.

My life begins to slip yet again, as my life feels it has come to an end.

I am not strong as I once had been.

I am weak and have begun to feel defeat.

My eyes have become dry not one more tear remains.

my voice silent as there is no more I could come with to say.

I have begun to push all my hopes and dreams away

feelinging there is nothing left to give or reach out for in life.

My body has begun to shut down and waist away.

I have become tired of the fight and I have nothing left inside.

this is my life, who i say and what i do is all about me.

The pain of nothing else but this life I have and the pain of my health and nothinng else.

I truly honestly have nothing else to give.


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We Are The People

We are all the same
Not one of us so different than the other
We are the people
Each born of the same race
No matter the color
No matter the style
No matter your height
We all are labeled the human race
So why segregation
Why bully the handicap who can’t react to what they are given
There are no reasons
It is uncalled for
We are the people
All born of the same designed race
We are not monsters looking so ugly or scary
We are the people
Named the human race
So let’s be proud of who we are
Giving our name to good use and making it become something all want to hear
We are all born of one race
Not different in any way at all
We each have the silhouette of the main profile called “the human”
We are all the same everyday in life
So free your thoughts and open your mind creating the best of our titled name
We all are the people
That will not ever change
We shall live and even die this in the final day
Be proud of who you are
Don’t dismay what a beautiful thing that you could really honestly be

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