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Wishing My Heart On Sum Luck — Mega Millions 540 million

Okay so tonight dad and I went and did the unthinkable when you break it down to our family. We rarely ever ever get any kind of lottery tickets. However with the BIG 540 Million running right now and still gaining. Along with life’s handle on us right now we actually discussed it as a dinner conversation and then broke down in hopes of lucks sum. Yup you heard right. We bought 4 tickets. My luck is riding really hard on this reward and my heart is really eagerly leaning on a win or a non win and then another chance next week if no wins this week. If you have been following my recent and past several years on Facebook then you know how bad we all could use this money. So if you have a small sence of decency laeft in your heart for some good send up hope to christ for a nice sum luck. Good Luck to all who went up on the BIG 540 Million. I have become one of the ones wishing my heart on that sum luck.

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One's Sanity, What's Left Of Me

Lying in the dark of night I sit and think and contemplate the next move in this game of life
As If like a move taken in a game of chess
Each move could be your last
Questions running throughout your mind of who would want to break this love and bond of mine
Taking away all that is mine in just all that I have breaking hearts and tearing a family apart.
All in my eyes is not for the best interest of me in my mind but for the love of my kids, my family and my very own well being and sanity instead.
Yet the threat still comes at hand to threaten to destroy ones sanity and life instead.
To tear apart what dream that one once had making it all lye in rubble and mystery and putting out the one tiny flame left burning within
Killing the dreams that once still survived and making them spin and swirl right down the drain. The only Sanity one had left. Turned and burned to ashes and suit laying in the rubble as if it were just all a comply bed to rest your very head. Taking apart one’s sanity and what’s left of me.

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My Heart(The Song)

O my heart
My heart, my heart
My heart…..

My heart is changing
My heart is changing

O my heart
My heart,my heart
My heart is beating

My heart is beating
My heart is changing
For you

My heart is changing for you
For me

My heart is changing everyday for you
Each day it changes in a different way
Changing for you and for me

Written By My Daughter Sarah Age 6


Irish Lucks

With Irish eyes a charm so bright
So tiny and small no one would have ever guessed so
An Irish chum she is indeed
With Irish blood which flows within
Irish eyes which sparkle like gold
With a nose that rests upon the luck of a shamrock
A leprechaun some may say
Tiny and small
But she is pure at heart and full of love and luck
She is my lil Irish luck
A new found friend
Irish lucks have found me here
No not a coin or pot of gold at any rainbow
Not too big and not too old
Just a true friend with a pure soul
Just a new found friend
With a heart filled with a heart like gold


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Every Night A Living Fight

Every night a living fight.
You always believe that you know just what is right.
Miss mouth is the name I gave when it began that night, but now I wish I could take it back because they are surely following shortly behind.
How do train you better than this when lip is all I get as the mouth keeps leading ahead. It’s like your ears have been lost behind and they just don’t mind. It is me feeling the anger alas. Years feeling useless and left in the past, tears constantly filling my eyes.
I feel as if moms words don’t stand or mean one thing and it is just a sound that I help my mouth to make.
Every night is all the same and all I can do is feel walked over, burned, drained and ready to cry. Every night is a living fight until I finally get you sound in bed sleeping thru the night.


Unconditional Love And Forgiveness Scootch No Matter What, That Is Who I Am…..A True Friend

Unavailing love for the friend closest to you. You open your mind to subject of chance and change. Believing they will be there to the end and remain a true friend. Lending a hand to help one out and be a true friend like no one else will. You take the key unlocking the door and opening your heart where you don’t always let everyone near for your closest one to you to no longer believe but instead fall short and walk away mad not another word said. With nothing to hide you asking why? You’ve done nothing wrong but cared for your friends and family when you didn’t even need to. Okay so I just can’t all times I am sorry for that but at least I am still there for you friend when no one else stays by your side. I make that extra time in my life knowing that you are special and you need that special time the importance for it to have you run your own route right in life. Although instead of appreciating what I have done all along when I could. You turn in betray and get mad with a strong angered attitude taking it all out on me just because this one time I couldn’t make it work out to give you what you need when asked. I didn’t say I wouldn’t I said just wait please and give me a couple days so I can make it work right. Scootch you mean everything to me I can’t make all magic and have it all work just the way that you want or when you want it, but telling me that I am on the wrong and that I don’t care is intolerable when you and I both know that you need the love and extra support as much as me. I have never disrespected you or turned you away. I have never lead you wrong or made you stray. I have been there for you holding your hand everyday. I have taken you in all I can. I have promised my life to you to help you raise your first unborn and always given you word on always having a place to stay. Yet in it all you get mad at me for one time not knowing what was going on and turn your heart cold turning away from me when I just couldn’t make it work. Saying I am sorry hundreds of times and questioning our friendship in the very end. You question. Just know whatever your answer I still have full unconditional love to give and forgive, and no matter what you decide I will be your friend to the very end. It is the person that I am and who Christ would want me to be. A true friend throughout all.

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Somehow, One Day

Feeling the burning desire of anger and discomfort. No matter how hard I try to step away I somehow always somehow see you Weasel your way back in to destroy me inside. Years gone to waist,tears staining my pillows and sheets. Somehow it just never fails to always get into my head and drain out the very best of me. Somehow, but one day. Yes one day.