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Just For Your Birthday

Though I may not be with you I sit here in awe as I sense and feel you
Having a silence about this day as it is your very own day
I know things are not as we have expected but you have not withheld my mind
You have remained there within it at all times
Nothing is too hard for you to do your strength keeps us alive in us
Making it easier also for me to remain focused on you
I stand up as witness to you
I am your light and forever hope
I am strong in you
I am not going to forget your special day put out just for you
Happy birthday love
Just for your birthday

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Trust I Seen Don't Mean A Thing It Seems

I put all my trusts to the limit and believe only to learn a waist may be made.
Loss of hope and loss of betray
This has gotta be super lame
I have nothing left as it is and then your gonna give me this. Really? Is this necessary now? Why do you hold this on my name? Where is this sign on my head
What sin has my family taken putting this fate over me
This I do not understand
One I can not just turn my head and look the other way to avoid what fates we have
Not looking for a other new day though my days have come to an end. Trusts I see seen not mean a thing

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Disappointed With Life

Disappointed with the path of my life I sit back still holding tight to my faith
Trying my best not to turn around and glance back
Yet still not knowing what words to say to you and feeling lost within myself and embarrassed at my eyes sights of this life I have around me
No answers to bare and all honestys put out
Tears still falling everyday as my mother has gone leaving my life aray and on such dismay
Nothing of her faults, nothing of her blame
Although unfortunately I still feel the discomfort and pain
my days all coming together and becoming one.
Worring is a thing of the day wondering if I’d ever see the sun.
Tears rolling off my eyes each thoughts remaining on my kids and you
I am not happy and I know that you aren’t either
But my thoughts all focused on that one new day.  My very own life. If I can not have life, may life have me.
As I am only disappointed with this life I see.

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Wish I Were A Wizard

I wish that I were a wizard of many tricks. I wish that I could perform a spell to take it all away. I wouldnt be left behind with none there on time
I wouldn’t be abandond and orphaned walking the streets
I wish that I were a wizard of many tricks and traits
I’d use my spells for those specific situations.
I wish that I were a wizard of many tricks

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Not About Me Me Me….

He says all the time that I am selfish, yet I ask myself why am I selfish for putting others before myself in everything I think or do
It’s always looking out for you
Yet you think It’s me me me
What am I to do to change the way that you think and perceive me
Even to be around you doesn’t only upset you but also me
I think myself not selfish when its never about me in my very own eyes but this you can not see and I don’t know why
I thought it obvious that all within my life was not about me
But you have blocked it and see me me me
Sorry guys It’s not about ME …
It’s about survival and what is best for myself amass my little family. I am sorry that you are blind to see, my life is about raising my three and working with me.

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Brown Eyes

Brown eyes honest and content.
Making light with the steps traveled
A coat so slick in style and soft in feel
With the smell that sticks around with every fresh rains
I close my eyes to think of you even while you are not by my side and outline your each and every shades
With yours ears always keeping you alert
Your eyes watching and protecting me always.
In the peek of the night you sing your wild song at the big bright moon
I listen and hear your song while I dream in my sleep
Throughout it all your eyes and soul are what draw me to you thru everything.

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I Can Sense And Feel Your Pain

I look into your eyes and although I can not see what you’ve seen I can see and sense and feel your pain. Uneasy to trust and hear what is truth your timid and torn between what you know as life and the journey of life itself. You try to face up and playfully play like a fox pup but stand your ground with ears perched like a young wolf protecting your territory and den. In search of the right path right therein where you stand in search of someone you could truly call a friend. Head still holding high you continue to travel on telling yourself to be strong. Knowing that your life will soon turn around you push on and steady to continue on. I see in your eyes just what rest you put behind to begin new now as you work to grow. You have those wolf eyes on you and they speak loud and wild. This is your life what you are learning to travel so keep focused and stay calm soon enough life will look up and not toward the ground.

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I Know You Are Out There,

My love I know you are out there wondering this lonely dark and evil world
I feel you especially in those times I feel that I need you most
However that doesn’t make my travel any easier as I know it also won’t but to feel you beside me in each and every step tends to in some way way mend the pain
I know life seems ever so short and the distants ever so far and rough terrain but our time will never travel out and walk away from our time
Time will soon come to pass as we travel on our way when it does there we will finally see each others face and our journey will only then begin
I will not give up hope for I believe our day will come as our life together will come in as one and then the two of will together roam. We will be together just when we may feel yet our furthest yet apart
There then we will feel the strongest beat of each others heart as our journey will continue ahead as one
I believe in love and love has a spot for me this I can already see

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Speaking With Your Heart

You listen with your ears
See with your eyes
Feel with your hands
But have you ever spoken without using your mouth
Think about all the ways of communication
It is good to speak with your mouth and use words
But to speak without mouth can sometimes speak even louder by speaking with your heart
Your soul reflects who you really are inside and out
By speaking with your heart you surrender your feelings of your soul speaking with your heart
Speaking with your heart is the loudest speech there is
You can read all there is around by speaking from the silence of your heart. All action is read by body in speaking with your heart and it goes deeper within when you speak with your heart.

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Today Another Soul Was Put To Rest

Today we lost a good man indeed
A friend
A soldier
A man with a good heart and soul for all he knew and met
A man of the Army
Helping when he could as a child and then a man to those in life who he could give a lending hand
He was a good friend, brother and a good man
Today we say another goodbye in happy bliss that this life fulfilled was quickly put to rest
No more suffer and sorrow
This life was written as blessed
Today another good soul was put to rest

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