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Sweet Sensual Ecstasy

I lye awake in my bed tonight

thoughts of you hounding my thoughts, blogs, and mind

nauty, nasty, loving, golden amonst the clutter clashing within my everyday crazy life

I lye awake and start to drift, stare as if you suddenly appear there

Hot and with thrill burning my finger tips my hands begin to roam

Wishing you were here to hold me near

I begin to dream of the what if’s remaining in life with us within my breezy misty daze

erotic if you could only see and feel all my love, lust, hidden thoughts and feelings that I have still remaining inside

So arroused wanting you feeling me all around

deep within my caress

closing in

feeling me quiver within the silence,

and blackness of the moonlit blue sky

My body numb from the feeling of being so turned on

on fire with the moments and throughts. my dreams of the night

Dreams whisping in as like a ghost flying overhead unoticed and quiet as ever

Feeling you as if it all were so real

I want you here inside me

taking all my stress, pains, worries

rubbing me down with oils scents of the seas

relaxing me all over outside and inside the same

my body numb and throbbing wanting to finish off what I alone have begun

I lye awake within the night with just a simple solitude thought of you and me

living in my own sweet sensual Ecstasy

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Spider Spinning A Web Of Design


Spider spinning the web of design
How do you spin a web so sublime
How do you make you children listen so well and make them trusted to fly to the sky
With no words said they go on their own still so young and grow in time
Yet here with my own I still complain
They just don even know how to listen or mind me even up at seven years down the line.
You hatch them and already they’re gone and run
While mine act up and have to always be at my side instead
A web of wonder and a life of questions unanswered
I just don’t get how you do so well with such tiny things so young alone
Spider spinning a web of design
How do spin a web so sublime


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The I Feel Like Poem

I feel like writing but don’t know what to write
I feel like reading but my eyes are too tired to try
Can’t try because I have too much on my mind that I can not clear out
I feel like cleaning but am all worn out from all I have already done
I feel like singing but have no words to let out

Still on construction

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I'm Not Gonna Sit Back And Watch Me Die

I sit back here hiding within the shadows

watching all the earth and life around me

moving into disaster and strife

My eyes welding into balls of tears

as my own life battle crumbles to the ground

over and around my own feet

Falling like ash from a fireworks display

I sit silent and watch as everything I ever loved, despised, admired

crashes like a burning plain and fails or dies

My heart hurting and burning within

as my own life on the line is drawing thin

my spirit wounded from all the falling debre

my body scared and bruised of what is left of me

All those around who i trusted and had faith

have stumbled and failed

like mice running around a clock, running in place

My heart beat slowing it’s pace

as it has begun to claim my life with

a sight of nothing left for me to see and face

all my own life being taken away from me as well

If I could sell

I would indeed

yet that would not solve one thing

so what for

All I have ever lived and breathed for

has been spilled and washed right out the door

what’s left for me

you’ve taken it all away

Life is nothing if you can’t climb and make the way

so i open my wings to fly away

walking out of my messed up life

Leaving a destroyed love, earth, spirit, body,

Leaving it all behind

I’m not gonna sit back and watch me die with all the rest who did

that won’t be me standing in that line

They want to…

let them decide

nothing amazing, always lies

I’m gonna cover over my eyes to run and hide

I’m not gonna be next in that long long list of lines

I’m not gonna sit back and watch me die

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Understanding Life In A New Eye

Understanding life in a new eye

Like the lightnening that flashes across the dark black sky

the whisper of the wind may change direction

You thought that you had it all figured out

instead you wind up lost or dead

you blink your eyes trying to see more clearly

only to see it more a big blurr

You begin to try to regain focus and sight

learning and hearing more of the insight

still tumbling and wableing you try to walk on to to stumble and fall

reaching out for help crying out to friends or family

Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…

yet no one is there to catch the fall or embrace you and help you out

what is life if not even a friend can mend a broken heart

understanding life in a new eye

The life we all once knew as that child and that great caring friend

has long lost washed away with the rain that has run across and over the land

Life as we knew it years in the past has long gone being left back in the days of the past

Understanding life in the new eye of today is the hardest thing there is to truly realize and say.

Life today is not the pretty painted picture we painted of the days we had seen before

no remorse has set in

dreams are left just in a glance

hands can’t even be found and reached out to hold someone

elses other hand helping them stand again

This is the life we know now

seen within this new eye

this is understanding life now in a new eye

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Where I Am Weak You Carry On And Stay Strong

Where I am weak you carry on and stay strong

My tollerance takes tolls as I try to continue to climb

Obsticles in my way blocking out my guiding light

I run at times

I run and hide

yet in it all get lost and tired out trying to find my way

Day by day I begin to break down and cry

still trying to grin and bare it still moving on

Life’s got a tight hold

a tight grip tearing into my vision and sight

my heart begining to bleed

my fingers begin to shake and tremble

I feel myself begining to go numb

I feel my stress tearing me down

Looking for life’s little high to help me reagin the strength to come back up high

Helping me to stand my ground

I turn my head and begin to again look around

With no words to be said

my feet still not sturdy on the rugged ground

I have more than once slipped and fell

this time i am having trouble being able to liift my head

My place has not been found or met

I’m at a hault with no help to get

no friend around to break my fall

as i suffer what energy i have within myself left

Where I am weak you carry on and stay strong

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As The Sun Sets And Night Draws Near

love this one ❤ 🙂

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Our New Pet Store



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Gluten Free Sweets!

Gluten Free Sweets!.


I saw this and decided to share it for those friends I know who fight with this diet. ❤ you guys/gals

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SPCA entry #2 Helping trouble

Dear Reader,

Please help Trouble to get the surgery that she needs, to end her pain.

Last week, the Pennsylvania SPCA Humane Law Enforcement department received a call from a concerned citizen regarding the poor health of a neighborhood dog. When Officer Richard Loos went to investigate, he found Trouble, a 5 -10 year old female Miniature Pinscher. The infected sores covering her face and ears made it readily apparent that Trouble needed immediate medical attention.

Trouble was rushed to the Pennsylvania SPCA shelter hospital where she was examined by our veterinary team. It soon became clear that the sores on her face were a sign of something far more serious: a severely infected and ruptured ear canal.

A condition like Trouble’s does not happen overnight. It takes months or even years of chronic, untreated ear infections to irritate the ear canal to the point of rupture. Trouble’s suffering could have been avoided. After enduring so much discomfort from years of neglect, we want to end her pain once and for all.

The only way to permanently alleviate Trouble’s pain is a surgery called TECA (Total Ear Canal Ablation). This surgery will completely remove Trouble’s ear canal and all of the diseased tissue, thereby making it impossible to become infected. Unfortunately, TECA is a specialized surgery, one that we are unable to perform at our shelter hospital. This is why we need you.

We need your help to raise the $2,000 necessary for Trouble to see a specialist, receive this life changing surgery, and finally bring an end to her suffering. Please make a gift today, so that Trouble can receive the surgery that she so desperately needs.

Thank You!

or call (215) 426-6304 x272

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