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Shane’s Brain Now

After the stroke on May 22, 2021 Shane was stunning doctors who cared for him he should have not been alive i had gotten out of the hospital on that same day 5/20/2021-5/22/2021

This is Shane’s brain 🧠 he had a massive catastrophic stroke again

He is currently in a wheelchair and not well

Doctors say it’s a miracle he’s the way he is and he lived through it that he even survived that most patients would be brain dead with nothing

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In A Little Cove In The Corner

In a little cove in the corner

She sat and weeped

Tears dropping from her eyes which were dry

Bitterness in her head and heart

As she left cracks in seems

Shattered to pieces they were left

As sadness exposed the rest

A mere emotion that doesn’t mean anything

While pieces of her heart ripped apart from the core

Love being all she loved and strived everything being ripped away

Slaved in a little cove in the corner

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