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Shark Attack….Hurricane Sandy 2012

Glad I’m not finding this in my yard….22 minutes ago near Strafford · Okay, you all have been asking if I am okay. In messages, here or mobile. So I am watching a tree almost falling onto my car or house not sure yet it is a HUGE tree and we are bucket emptying our celler door drain which has made it to the top of the step and almost into the house and Sandy is not even here yet. I will post photo’s soon.

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The Day Fear Moved In

The day was grey not of any like the rest
Yoy could hear nothing more than a subtle silence
Chills ran throughout your spine

As your skin and bones grow cold
Your toes continuing to wiggle and your fingers and hands started to tremble.
Throwing layers and layers of clothes on yourself trying so hard to stay warm but your body freezing, being taken over by fear.

The day itself begins growing greyer and more severe. The wind begins to grow strong.

Rain begins to tap on the rooftops. You feel your heart begin to pump at your chest, throbbing like as it were a broken swollen limb on your body.

You know that your blood should keep pumping keeping you warm. However with fear growing so fast and so strong it’s making your automatic heater shut down.

This grey day moving in is the beginning of the day that fear moved in.

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Rest In Peace, Rest Your Head

Rest your soul little one
Ease your mind
Lay your head upon the land
Settle your tiny feet
Life was short, and taken wrong
But in your new life you are safe from harm

Not what we the people wanted or saw in our eyes
But seems that God had a beautiful plan for you indeed
What we thought would come to be did not come at all.

You are innocent and pure
You will be remembered and loved forever more.

The way you left was wrong I know
But you’ve earned your wings and moved on to where you now belong and see

Quiet and rest your soul now little one. You soon will find yourself within a better and safer and more beautiful place

Rest your head, rest in peace
Ease your mind you now are defenately in a much safer and better place.

Dedicated to Saanvi Venna
Who’s life was cut too short and was taken from us by a wrongful way. May you rest in peace Saanvi Venna you shall always be remembered here forever with me.


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Help Our AcePet Pet Store Begin


So I have been working on our online pet store that we just recently posted a few months back we have been editing stuff on the site and fixing things which were set up wrong and illegal now made legal and now we are ready to create inventory. So I am asking for your help…. I am requesting all of my readers to help me know what types of inventory you would like to see be sold in our store. We have some ideas, however are not sure what kinds of pets you all may have most in need or what needs you need met for your pets you do own. could you please help us out. Just check out the links for our stores.  🙂



Ace Associates

AcePetCare Associates Store



Kids Halloween 

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Bring Saanvi Safely Home Please

As innocent as the day she were born

Her name Keeping her innocence alive

Her eyes light up every darkened crevice

Her life so silent and small, yet imagine it will you… so loved by all

her hands still so tiny to grasp and hold onto life itself

She’ll fight to hold on it’s written well inside of her book

Taken away from the princess life she was given

lost in a land she doesn’t even really know

too young for words to be said

too young and helpless to get up and run.

Where are you Saanvi

We miss you so

Oh Lord God, please someone let us know

How is this fair

No!! it’s not indeed

you know full well this is not the way of the life a Goddess should live

What is so wrong with this beauty you have seized so wrongly away

I see not what you but such a precious and beautiful baby

C’mon now how sick minded can you be, she is only a baby as once were you and me

Bright big beautiful eyes that speak spiritually without the words

Beautiful black hair to grow out long like that of her culture and land where she come

What has this baby done that we have not seen.

Nothing in our eyes…We still see none

All we see is a family and culture crying and dispaire as a grandmother was slain the day a baby disapears

Where is your mind if you think all of this is alright

This baby needs help and family to reunite


this child has done no wrong

she is innocent you see

she wants to just be brought home

You know nothing about this child that you have torn away from her most loving family

What if she is very sick, you don’t know her health or what she needs

you don’t even know her favorite things

Do you know her culture and how for ten months she’s been brought up and raised
Do you even know what It’s like to loose a child of your very own.
I do, not the way you have done but a loss of a child is not easy in any way done
Loosing your child, a love your closest best friend

I doubt, even that is a questionable thing.

Saanvi wants to be home with her mom and her dad

you are not them

you DON’T know just what she needs best

Look all around you all over the world

Yes Yes it is a small, small world my friend

look at all these countries, nations, states and yup even communities all around

hoping and praying that Saanvi  may return home safe and sound

look at this child how important she is to so many my friend

is this how you want to be remembered by letting everyone down and not bringing such a loved baby home

Your digging a hole so deep you’ll never get out

and what for…

for fame….

for a child you are unable to bare yourself
or are you just scared

what is the use

just bring her home please

You’ll regret all this once it’s over for sure

because you will be in more serious trouble and probably hated for life

for the life of a baby who is innocent and currently unsafe

You already took one life from the family

Saanvi’s grandmother…Isn’t that enough strife and heartache

bring home the child and let her behealthy and safe

Bring her home you have had her long enough now

bring her home where she is safe and sound at home
I am sure that this is not what you had imagined for the end to this story you’ve created. So why not end it now before the end in ends takes over

with her loving and only family

Bring Saanvi Safely Home Please

meaning of Saanvi: Goddess


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Help Find Saanvi

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Saanvi, The 10 Month Old Missing From PA

Let’s help find this child with all our mights…. What if it was our own?? There has been a $30,000 reward for the return of the young infant. Please help!!


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Abducted From Near Me

Please help us find her

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Your so fast to speak and spread words

Your even quicker to judge

you always observe all within everyone else’s life

while you pick out all perfection in your own

Should you find all the weak links of me combined in you

then maybe we may sit down and speak 


you think all your gossip fills the air with the true words

when really you live outside the true picture within and you spread your words of lies. 

in my eyes your just not worth the life, the time, or the words said

your not even worth being a friend. 

what friends walks away and deny’s


Try to find the strength within me and not just that in you

then maybe you may find the weak links you see in me within you as well

you always find time to search what seems so word filled for you to create lies


Although you never search so deep to find in me my strengths 

only what fills your tongue of all that forms your lies 

with the weak links within me 


So when you’ve found my weakest links in me in you

please come back again and then let me know. 


The Weakest Links In Me In You

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I Awoke To A Day Without The Load

It was a day as any other day

So I thought as I may

I awoke to do just what I needed to throughout my busy scheduled day

I awoke to a day without the load

Piles rising high scattered across the frames of the floor

rising higher yet then ever before

as I had procrastinated and delayed my worst putting off what I had no time there for

awaking to once again begin my clean

learning this day was a day without the load

With my clothes soiled and dirty and lying around mad

I was desperate for one full load

Used to washing at least six in a day

to here washing none and nothing clean…

It was boggling and blowing my mind out of frame as my day went wacky unable to clean

Making me mad and unsteady in daily life

making me crazy, a freak full of dismay and strife

looking for a place to hide away.

This was the day I awoke with no load

it’s making me loose my mind.

The day I awoke without the load

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