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Of The Country And For Our Nation

A wife waits at home in worry despair and in alert weary at the door

A son goes to bed each night alone in his bed awaiting the phone to ring

A daughter goes to school everyday with a ribbon tied to her schoolbag

While a mother cries herself to sleep in fear of that possible day she dreads.

You and I hear about it from family, friends or the news broadcasting on air

We don’t feel each of these people’s pains at night

We don’t see the real story behind the scenes themselves

We have not witnessed tradigity or pain as they have

They have seen and been party from the beginning to the end

They have seen and witnessed it all first hand

These are the people of the service who leave their families to fight for rights or protect the nations and fight

They are men and women
Sons, daughters, dads, moms
They can be anyone

My father and grandfather were one of these great men and women of the land.

These are great heros whom I will thank and respect until the end

These are leaders
Someone’s heros
Prisoners of wars fought lost and won
They are vets and men and women of service
Sent to help and protect our country and fight in many wars
Thanks to all our service men and women of the country and for our nation

Training in the Marines, Army, or Navy to become the best they can be with pride of and for our country

To some who give there lives in the fight and some who gain there medals to fight others loose there lives and never come out and return to home
These are the men and women of the brave

They came in ones, and twos sometimes more
Came by fours or fives
The thousands or so

A friend or foe
A teacher
A judge

It doesn’t matter who they were
They were soldiers
Friends we knew

Men and women of the governments who called them out
Called them to deploy tonight live or die they’d leave loved ones and family anytime day or night

When duty called they’d pack and leave without a fight to go to go where they’d be sent that very night










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The Music

It’s all about the music, the music, the music
It’s all about the voice,the voice,the voice
It’s all about the love
The sound
The beat
It’s all about life, life, life

Bringing out the rhythm
Creating the song
Bringing out the song of your heart in all you have done

It’s all about the music, music, music
Hear the song of your heart
Add some vocal
Then don’t forget the beat

It’s all about the music, the music, the music
It’s all about the voice,the voice,the voice
It’s all about the love
The sound
The beat
It’s all about life, life, life


Hold Your Head Up High

Hold your head up
Don’t look down
Turn to the heart
Don’t hold a frown
Don’t let tears stream down your face
Let your heart hold on its place

Hold your head high
Don’t let things tear you down
Hold the faith and pull yourself up high
Don’t let life take away what you’ve worked so hard to retain

Let the lights shine down
Let the lights guide you home
Let the lights steer God’s way
Holding you up high and find your way
Let the light fix the hurtles life has made and help to pull you up today

Hold your head high
Don’t lay in dismay
I hate to see you cry
Hold out on your tears

Put your heart to ease
Listen to what it has to say
Wipe the Tears away
Knowing things won’t go away too fast
Everything takes time to ease the pains

All is good
When your hearts at rest
Build up on the hope that’s lost

Hold your head high
Don’t let me see you cry
Things may not be at their best
Things will look up again in the end
Than you can say that all else will be okay

Just hold your head up high
Looking high gazing upon the wide open sky
You will be able to smile then and look back on it instead
To laugh at day by day
the rest of the ongoing way in the final battle of the end


I Love To Dance And Feel The Beat

Move my feet
Feeling the beat
Letting the rhythm flow

I love to dance
I love to put on a show

Moving my feet
Feeling my beat
Makes my blood in my veins really go go go

I love to dance
I love to put on a show

See their eyes as they watch and smile
Seeing their happy faces glow
Standing in the spotlight putting it all on you

I love to dance
I love to shuffle my feet

May okay alone
But it better with you

The music really makes me move
Bringing me closer to reality and closer to you

I love to dance
I love to put on a show
I love to dance and feel that beat


The Arrangement

There are many reason’s that a girl can get a exotic, beautiful, and astonishing arrangement of flowers

They could be a gift for a great performance, or a first date, a senior prom or eventually a graduation

However I must say…
The best arrangement of flowers a girl could get is the ones that tear you up when her child comes in the door with a self picked arrangement she made herself from the great outdoors

Maybe it’s when her child has spent the only tiny bit of money to buy the very beat arrangements for mom just to say happy mothers day mom

I must say…
Either way the best arrangement to have is the one that comes from the hearts of a mother and child



Born A Girl, To Become A Mother

You were born a girl
Then you grew to be a teen
Arising to be a young lady
To maturing to a women
right before everyone’s eyes
Before they could take it all in
You were announcing the good news of your engagement
Then planning a wedding
Before you even knew you then became a mother
Now you have learned all there is to learn and know
Now you soon be watching her throughout your very window
Watching him or her go as they grow
You soon will be saying happy mother’s day to your own baby girl as you then become the one announcing…I am gonna be a grandma realizing that she was once your baby and is now a mother as well
Your baby now has a baby and is a true mother

Written for my long missed mother
Born a girl to become a mother


The Edge

You come to the edge not knowing what to door

where to travel, deciding to look aroun

you look over, looking down into a deep dark valley of mystery

Mystery of the life that once was


Who you are now and who you could become

not wanting to see or even know the answers 

You close and cover your eyes

Hoping that this a break at the edge of the ravine

into a deep valley


thinking that this is just a dream

that you will awake any moment

And that all will be okay 


Not knowing weather you will live or die 

Still holding onto what life you still have

Weather you will be here tomorrow


You realize that you need to make a choice

How will you go

Will you choose up or down

Into the deep dark revine or go up into the light

Or will walk away and give up turning back around to head home


What’s the point when you’ve come this far

To turn around closing the door

The door to oppertunity just once more


I choose to go up

Where the light is bright and leads my way

Bringing me out in the edge of reality


Begining the climb 

I turn to look up

Not looking down

Leaving it all behind me 


Contining to look up

I keep climbing high

Holding my head to the light

To climb this deep dark valley ravine 

Bringing me the edge of my reality




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The Off Roads Of Life

Off roads is a way of life
Or is it a journey
Either way they are both the same

When you travel off roads
Anything could happen
It is an experience, a journey

Life itself usually is always a journey
The journey we travel may travel down any given road

Although the journey may become an off road trail
Never knowing which path to turn down
Crossing obstacles with or without others around

Roads cross giving you a choice
The decision is yours to choose the off roads way of life, or the safe route to take to find your way back to reality

Off roads is a way of life
Or is it a journey
It is an experience, a journey to be found
A journey to be made


All Things Fade To Black From White

All things fade to black from white
Even everything within life
We live off roads in mystery and strife
All things fade to black from white

Filled with dirt and stains of blood
Again I say…
All things fade to black from white

Where you once were pure and cleansed you as well have fallen and sinned
All things even you yourself
can fade to black from white
No matter what color you once were born or what race or ethnicity you are all things fade to black from white

Even one who once is good can quickly fade to bad making them black as well

Even ages fades over the years
Again fading to black from white
Ending life’s cycle for that one life which once a pure baby with a pure and white soul, bringing to a funeral making their very life whole and at peace fading them to black from white

All things in life fade to black from white



In The Middle Of The Night I Write

I wake in the middle of the night
After a long day
Then write what comes to mind

Given time or not
I begin to blog and jot
Moods in different things

My writing soothes my mind
Surrounded in my life of stress
Thoughts of my life and what it’s like
Or what it’ll end up to be

Writing is everything to me
Happy, sad, mad, upset
It doesn’t matter
It all comes out being said from the heart

I know that I said words don’t mean a thing
But it depends on the contexts

Sometimes words don’t mean a thing
However writing says it all
Truths and facts it says everything

Usually from the heart and soul
the words form the whole making it complete

Just listen to what’s being said
You may learn something new that may have never been knowledgable in your head before

Writing is good in journal or in bed, at work or school or a park even more

Doesn’t matter where or when
Writing can clear your mind and be your friend

In the middle of the night or even during the day
Doesn’t matter when or what you write
It helps you bring your thoughts to life
Bringing your life in brighter light