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Life With A Migraine

Sharp stabs intensify and throb among my head as my mind swells
Pulsing and pulsing

Pain coming in hard
Eyes draining themselves for all it is they can do to focus and try to see

The tingling begins
Numbing overtakes my entire body
As I begin to feel heavy and was unable to get thru my day.

Throbbing pain beginning to intensify still while light bothers the inner of my eyes

My body feeling so numb and weak
to even lift a finger
Lightheaded and dizzy I begin to fall to my feet
Nausea and vomiting begin to set in

Slurred speech and confusion frustrating more.
Life living with a migraine
Is what my days see almost any given day



God Will Keep Me Safe

You can shove me
You can push me
You can hurt me
you can bruise me

Though you can not take my
Courage, honor and self esteem from me

You can threaten me
You can beat me
You can talk me down and try to drive me

But I will keep my soul strong
I will keep my head up high
I will stay strong and content in my faith

You will not be my last dieing thing in my life
I will live and stay
I will fight for my sanity, my name, and my children

No matter how hard you beat and bruise me I will stand tall and high
I will remain firm in my words that I say
I will say goodbye to the abuse you throw in my face

I will push ad keep it away
I will fight to keep it off the streets
Bruises heal
Souls and minds don’t
Once they die they are gone forever
I will not let my spirit die
I will not let you burn me down inside

Your words mean nothing
My life is my everything
God is my guide to lead me in the right way upon the right day
God will keep me safe

No matter how much you put me thru and how bad you beat and bruise me God will keep me safe
God will hold me strong
God will never let me down
He will keep me alive and well still

He will fill me deep inside
with a strong will he will hold my hand
He will keep me standing on my two feet where I felt a lack and began to fall

God will keep me safe
He will not let me astray
He is my foundation holding me down
He will not let me die by someone else’s strong hands

You think you can beat and bruise me
God will let me live instead
He will turn and shame your little selfless head
God will keep me safe


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Song Of My Heart

Bringing joy to my soul
Making me whole
Brining a smile to my face
Bringing out a song from my heart

Everyone knowing that you are mine
Always showing the time
Never blowing me off
You show out your pure true love

Bringing smiles on my face
You hold me tight in my own place
Never holding back
Never running away
Never giving up
Making me have everything I’ve ever asked for

You are my unveiling forever love
Angel given from above
Given to show me again true love

Not to walk away
Not to begin to stray
Not to give up this love that you hold onto so dear
Letting out of the song from my heart for you to hear everywhere

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Returning Again To January

January when the snow and cold is on the ground

 I sit by my fire dreaming of you lying beside me at night.

February then comes along and reminds me of our love

March brings in the entrace of spring, st. Patrick’s day and earth day

April bring lovely change from snow to April showers palm Sunday, passover and Easter 

leading to popping beautiful May flowers

While landing in Mother’s Day and Memorial day

yet lets not forget the father’s in June

Followed by a big celebration in July for Independence day

 then the opening ceremony of the summer Olympics

August brining out the sweet treats of National Watermelon Day, National Smore’s day and then National marsh mellow toasting day

Not to forget all the importance of September with Labor Day, Garndparent’s Day, 911 Remembrance followed with constitution day and Native American Day

October spooking around the corner to bring in Columbus day and Halloween

November admiring All Saints day, and veterans day

filling in feasts with Thanksgiving and black Friday

December bringing forth Advent and Christmas

then ending while still beginning into the new year

returning again to January




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One of my favorites.

Angel Takes Flight

You bring me up when I am down

you help to turn my views of life around

you see thru me like noone does

you make happy when I am sad

you give me compfort when I need you most

you complete me where I have fine line cracks seperating my inner person

you complete me like no one else can

you bring the sun to me even if there is rain

you erase my sadness making me wake up

you give me company when I am lonely

you let me cry on your shoulder when I need a good cry

you give me a hug when I can nolonger cry

you brighten my day in every way

you are my everything

you are my life long dream

you hold onto the love I have

keeping it locked away

where you only hold the key

for no one else to…

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My Gaurdian Angel

Your my gaurdian angel

you stay always by my side

you make my life fullfilled

more than I could do with myself


your my guardian angel

watching over me

with big wings that embrase me when I most need

your always with me throughout the night

some may interfere who shall say they don’t believe

however angels are real I say


protecting me from the world

helping for me to concur the world outside

your my gaurdian angel in who I believe


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One Day

Each time I think about you, you make me crazy
You make my heart beat go boom boom boom and beat so wildly
You fill it and fully complete me
You are my inspiration
My eternity

Loyal like a wolf you stay by me even when we are miles away
You make my heart sing a loud joyous song of peace

You paint a most beautiful picture of our family in my mind and life
I await the day that I can walk by your side
Be yours forever
Forever in your life

For now this is what it is
Yet it’s better than none
a beautiful girl and such a gentleman

I know that you care and that you’ll always be there
I know that you love me
just wish that I could still see more
One day,one day this all will come true
May it be tomorrow or even the new year

I feel in my heart this strong bond that we share.
One day together we will be a true family

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