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A Soldier Who Gave His Life For The Love Of His Country

There was a soldier who gave his life for the love of his country.

On duty all day learning to be the best that he could be.

Fighting in wars that he got called and deployed.

His heart focused on saving his county and making it safer for all.

Putting out his own life, earing purple hearts by purple hearts.

Putting his own family aside just to follow each duty that he was called for.

Staying away as long as it may take.

seeing both violence, and poverty and sometimes love and acceptance.

Yet throughout all living many different journeys.

Not always ones he may have enjoyed, yet managing to cope.

with what he’s got which is not much.

sometimes no food for him to eat. sleeping on a bunker hard as could be.

Getting mail sometimes only once a month.

Not seeing regular life as he is deployed to battle the war.

Always watching his back as surprises could arise.

Trying to accomplish getting to know and enjoy everyone at his side,

even if they are the most complicated ones in his barracks.

A soldier he once was until he lost his life.

Living each war and deployed to many different missions.

Living up to all that was in store for him even if not planned.

Yet he became sick with lung cancer and as he became sicker and sicker.

He claimed living the life of a soldier and earning your purple hearts, being held hostige and chanceing his own

life was not was nowhere near as complicate, and painful as coming down with the cancer.

Cancer was the hardest that he had ever faced, so much more than being that soldier that he once was.

Leaving his home and everything that he knew.

Leaving loved ones behind for the love and saftey of his very own country.

Sommetimes we don’t know just what we will face until we come to it first hand.

This was a true life of a very special man of duty in the marines.

God rest his soul, and keep him in peace as he has seen so many burdening things.

It is time for his life to change as he is respected for who he was and fought the biggest wars of many years.

The Cival war and I believe the Korean war.

Fighting his own fight he lay to rest now still giving his full best.

There was a soldier who gave his life for his country and became the respectable man even to the end.

Dedicated to my grandfather who passed just this way in 2003.

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An Easy Life Is Hard To Come By

An easy life is hard to come by.

You do your best yet it never lasts.

dropping your daily life trying to create an easier way.

however this usually leads to making it harder trying to fit in.

Everyday is left with no time, feeling as if nothing was done that you had planned.

you run and run, continueing the run leading to running out of time within the day.

An easy life is so hard to come by.

you never plan to cram all your appoinments within the day.

But somehow some way this always falls into play.

So much to do even if not a fun event.

weather it be a dr. appointment, a school event, or a sports or club event.

it somehow always eats your time.

An easy life is hard to come by.

An easy life is hard to come by.


Marry Me

Marry me.
Love me.
Cherish me.
Remember all the happy times.
All the memories.
You bring me to life.
You make me strong.
You are my shining star the shines so bright.

Marry me.
Keep each memory.
Love me.
Hold me.
You make me smile.
You make me laugh.
You are my everything.

You make my heart beat so rapid.
You make me shake at your sight.
You make me alive.

Hurry up don’t let time run out.
Marry me.
Walk with me underneath a stary sky.
Marry me don’t make me wait.
Time is of the essence do the right thing.
Marry me.

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2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,900 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 48 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


It Was Two Years Ago Today

I am sitting in solitude a lot lately with so many questions and thoughts to ponder. With a daughter that has a blood disease and needs a regular medical schedule. Together with thoughts of recollection of the past years because of the recent transition of the new year to the realization that today a year ago was the day that my mother passed. I miss you mom. Just some simple thinking coming amongst my brain. As I don’t have the answers or knowledge of her days in life i gave her and than i guess that I am understanding why you have been nagging and pulling at my heart and mind a lot more recently lately, as it was two years ago today that you died. I am hoping and believing that this is you trying to acknowledge me and let me know that you are here and still trying to let me know that you are still in a sense by my side. Maybe not in so many words and actions as I am used to but by my heart hoping that it is so. Mom, I love you.

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The Traveler I Now Am

Traveling now where we once traveled together I now become my own traveler.
Looking about with each step that I take I see just all that I have seen once before, but this time is different.
Each empty branch and each limb on a tree I take notice of as it does not pass by me. The two sets of footprints that once followed me are a single traveler among that fresh bank of snow. Seeing in a different light which I had once known even in the night passes me by now with a bit of discomfort, unfamiliar and fright.
Seeing my life with two different eyes and you no longer a traveler at my side makes me restless even at the best of times.
At times making me fall in tears and cry
Or drop toy knees wanting to hide. My life is just not the same anymore with you gone and no longer walking in thru the door. Just to hear you speak once more or feel you cry on my shoulder when we’d have a good talk to comfort each other and make each other get the last word or last laugh.
Even when I was at my lowest low you helped me to keep my head high and have something to live for in life now.
But when I was all settled and thought it all was alright that was when I was alone and came back to realization of life and what it is now reminding me once again of life without you here by my side yet again. Making me the traveler who I now am.

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Lucky Numbers Eleven And Seven

My favorite number.
Number eleven.
Eleven, eleven it rhymes with seven.
Seven is said to be lucky too.
With seven dwarfs to look after you and always try to protect you.
Seven, seven, seven always was best.
With God Protecting you with his grace and peace.
In good standings you should be when seven ate nine, and nine met ten and together chased the bad guys down eleventh street again.
Living life in twelve hour time to reminisce upon this subtle rhyme of lucky number eleven and seven will only turn you for a whim and leave you nothing more or less by the end.

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