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Looking into my eyes

you ask…

Mommy what will i be when i grow big like you

Will I be as sweet sensed as you

what will I be when I grow

My response…

Sweet child of mine you may be exactly what you want to be

be anything from your hearts fine desires

don’t let anyone take that away

you will be what you are meant to be when you grow as big as me

Sweet as I am and sensible too

you need not learn that for you already know

in God’s good time all will fall through just as should be

that is when you will become just what you want to be

Mommy can I be a singer…

 can I own my own pet shop…

can I choose my own car and make it just as I would want it for me

my darling you can be and do anything written from your heart

you can do or be anything that you want to be

you may always think of that till when you grow older like me

just keep the door open and your mind set free

then my dear you can become whatever you would like to be

will you still be there till the day I decide

will you hold my hand and aproove as i make up my mind

I am your mother love

I will never walk away

I will always stand by yourside each and everyday

I will aproove whatever choice you would decide

wheather I agreee or disaproove I will alsways stand by your side

I will give you my words and my own piece of mind

however in the end I will know that we could come to a compromise

 and that this new big girl is the very child of mine

A child who I once told you could be whatever you want to be

that choice is yours and not that of mine

the decision is yours of your own hearts desire

so I will only follow along and be the strong held wire helping you pull it all thriugh

No matter what I will always be your mother and look after you

I will let you do and be whoever God has created you

I will help you reach your own hearts goal

and I will always stand by you and help pull you thru

So mommy… when I grow as big as you I can be what I want to be

yes dear, when you grow as big as me you can be what you want to be


I’ve gotten big now…

what do I want to be

My child,

you’ve gotten bigger indeed

your slowly growing big like me

but you must decide what you would like to be


I want my pet shop now.

I want to own my very own pet store

I have decided that on my own on my way

now would you please go and buy one for me

child my dear you are only seven

you still must be older and bigger to buy a pet store

but it’s okay if that is what you would like to be

I will help you train and know how to run your pet store when the time is just right and okay

I will help you prepare you

I will help you find your way

so that you may follow your hearts desire

 to be just what you would like to be

looking into your eyes…

I say one day child you will decide right

your turn will come when you are as big as me

then you will know and find your very hearts desire in life

Looking Into My Eyes…Mommy What Will I Be

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I Gaze At Grey Skies

While lying awake in the early rise of the day

 I gaze at grey skies and clouds out my windows slowly blowing past and away

after the storms of the night pounding loud on the house

tornado warnings issued for the counties around me

now flooding the threat for this morning Isee

silence of the storm calming and going away

awaiting the day to fully clear and glow in the morning sun

I gaze out my window not yet knowing what will come today within my day

will it be sunny and beautiful or muddy and filled with rain all day

I gaze at grey skies out my window  today

My day has not yet fully begin with kids still sleeping

there is nothing yet to be done

Time to myself I finally get some of

when a mom of three always seems to be a busy and tough job

this time I have I quietly stay

lying awake in the bliss of the rise of the day

gazing out the window at the grey skies outside

 shading the morning of the beginning of my new day

enjoying the stillness and quiet moment that i get before me