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Love is good
Love is great
I just LOVE love because it makes people happy together and smile

Written by
BrieAnna age 7


Shooting Stars

Shooting stars go above the moon
For you too, maybe it’s too soon
It’s okay because we’ll go to bed
I just want to know one thing
One question I have for you
Why do shooting stars go above the moon
Shooting stars go above the moon

Written by my daughter
BrieAnna Age 7


Moving To First Grade

Your life begins as a tiny sized pea
Beginning to grow and change bringing to it it’s brand new form once becoming a baby

As that baby grows from small to tall and growing into old it no longer is such a small baby, then it becomes a child

The child then begins to grow and then understand more and mature still growing as it will to being able to ride a school bus, learning at her own will

Now she’s finished kindergarten another year learned and complete
The school year coming to an end
The child has come so far and ready to move another milestone ahead bringing her to first grade then

You sit back and realize that you have seen so much, yet that you miss so much more she flew right thru kindergarten and caught up with her peers

Time has flown by just as a raindrop falling from the rain cloud in the sky next she’ll soon be becoming a teen uh oh look out she’ll soon then be asking for the keys, or going on a date

Kindergarten in over now
She’s already at first grade beginning next school year

I can’t believe these girls of mine were once my tiny treasures once so small such a short time ago that I was still laying on my belly and that now we are already here at first grade beginning next school year

Growing from young to old is not and easy thing to do, but moving so quickly is one thing that you can’t surpass it’s so

Watching from the sideline as your little one so quickly grows your bound to shed a tear or two

Your babies aren’t babies anymore they are becoming beautiful young girls right before your face with next years new era MOM, I’M MOVING INTO FIRST GRADE!!!

A new excitement brought along with a new song and phrase
A new joy shining in upon her soul white face
Something that means so much to her she now says it everyday like this is really something big

Welcome to your new class girl now you’ll see the old and may find even some new friends beginning in first grade

Next year again will fly by too and quickly move you forward moving you in then to the beginning of first grade

Then you’ll get to watch all the kids behind you and say that was once me last year

You’ll be the new endeavor, the new big girl you’ll be the one to help them thru the year so that they then will be the ones soon moving to first grade


Of The Country And For Our Nation

A wife waits at home in worry despair and in alert weary at the door

A son goes to bed each night alone in his bed awaiting the phone to ring

A daughter goes to school everyday with a ribbon tied to her schoolbag

While a mother cries herself to sleep in fear of that possible day she dreads.

You and I hear about it from family, friends or the news broadcasting on air

We don’t feel each of these people’s pains at night

We don’t see the real story behind the scenes themselves

We have not witnessed tradigity or pain as they have

They have seen and been party from the beginning to the end

They have seen and witnessed it all first hand

These are the people of the service who leave their families to fight for rights or protect the nations and fight

They are men and women
Sons, daughters, dads, moms
They can be anyone

My father and grandfather were one of these great men and women of the land.

These are great heros whom I will thank and respect until the end

These are leaders
Someone’s heros
Prisoners of wars fought lost and won
They are vets and men and women of service
Sent to help and protect our country and fight in many wars
Thanks to all our service men and women of the country and for our nation

Training in the Marines, Army, or Navy to become the best they can be with pride of and for our country

To some who give there lives in the fight and some who gain there medals to fight others loose there lives and never come out and return to home
These are the men and women of the brave

They came in ones, and twos sometimes more
Came by fours or fives
The thousands or so

A friend or foe
A teacher
A judge

It doesn’t matter who they were
They were soldiers
Friends we knew

Men and women of the governments who called them out
Called them to deploy tonight live or die they’d leave loved ones and family anytime day or night

When duty called they’d pack and leave without a fight to go to go where they’d be sent that very night










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Puppy Love

My puppy is an angel

more like a princess

everybody loves her

The unicorns are shining down on her

with sparkles from above

While angels see her face

with her beauty they start to cry

she’s a loving carefree puppy

I love my puppy very much

she out numbers every puppy

 in the whole wide world

Some puppies are cute

 but my puppy is the cutest

that ever there was

I would never hurt or harm my puppy ever

She is the best puppy I have ever known

I love my puppy so much

my love overwhelms my beats of my heart

 my puppy love will go on till the day that my heart beats stop beating

Written by: BrieAnna, Age 7


My Heart(The Song)

O my heart
My heart, my heart
My heart…..

My heart is changing
My heart is changing

O my heart
My heart,my heart
My heart is beating

My heart is beating
My heart is changing
For you

My heart is changing for you
For me

My heart is changing everyday for you
Each day it changes in a different way
Changing for you and for me

Written By My Daughter Sarah Age 6


Every Night A Living Fight

Every night a living fight.
You always believe that you know just what is right.
Miss mouth is the name I gave when it began that night, but now I wish I could take it back because they are surely following shortly behind.
How do train you better than this when lip is all I get as the mouth keeps leading ahead. It’s like your ears have been lost behind and they just don’t mind. It is me feeling the anger alas. Years feeling useless and left in the past, tears constantly filling my eyes.
I feel as if moms words don’t stand or mean one thing and it is just a sound that I help my mouth to make.
Every night is all the same and all I can do is feel walked over, burned, drained and ready to cry. Every night is a living fight until I finally get you sound in bed sleeping thru the night.


Somehow, One Day

Feeling the burning desire of anger and discomfort. No matter how hard I try to step away I somehow always somehow see you Weasel your way back in to destroy me inside. Years gone to waist,tears staining my pillows and sheets. Somehow it just never fails to always get into my head and drain out the very best of me. Somehow, but one day. Yes one day.


The Big Bright Blue

She’s got her eyes on you
She’s got her eyes on you

She’s got her eyes on you
On the big bright blue

She’s got her eyes on you
She’s got a voice of words

She’s got a lot of love and heart that’s pure

She’s got her eyes on you in the sun of day

She’s got her eyes on you all of the way

In sun and snow, she sees you in the big bright blue

She’s got her eyes on you
She’s got her eyes on you
She’s got her eyes on you
On the big bright blue

She’s got her eyes on you
She’s got, She’s got

She’s got her eyes on you

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