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Spider Spinning A Web Of Design


Spider spinning the web of design
How do you spin a web so sublime
How do you make you children listen so well and make them trusted to fly to the sky
With no words said they go on their own still so young and grow in time
Yet here with my own I still complain
They just don even know how to listen or mind me even up at seven years down the line.
You hatch them and already they’re gone and run
While mine act up and have to always be at my side instead
A web of wonder and a life of questions unanswered
I just don’t get how you do so well with such tiny things so young alone
Spider spinning a web of design
How do spin a web so sublime


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Where I Am Weak You Carry On And Stay Strong

Where I am weak you carry on and stay strong

My tollerance takes tolls as I try to continue to climb

Obsticles in my way blocking out my guiding light

I run at times

I run and hide

yet in it all get lost and tired out trying to find my way

Day by day I begin to break down and cry

still trying to grin and bare it still moving on

Life’s got a tight hold

a tight grip tearing into my vision and sight

my heart begining to bleed

my fingers begin to shake and tremble

I feel myself begining to go numb

I feel my stress tearing me down

Looking for life’s little high to help me reagin the strength to come back up high

Helping me to stand my ground

I turn my head and begin to again look around

With no words to be said

my feet still not sturdy on the rugged ground

I have more than once slipped and fell

this time i am having trouble being able to liift my head

My place has not been found or met

I’m at a hault with no help to get

no friend around to break my fall

as i suffer what energy i have within myself left

Where I am weak you carry on and stay strong

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Lost Dreams

When love hurts so bad that you can’t refrain from tears
Even when you have tried to say all the things could be said
Showed all the ways you’d try to speak
Gave you all I had to give and helped you out when you most needed me
In your eyes I was never good enough it always had to be someone better
As if we were strangers who met over a modem and letters typed
I don’t even know who you are half the time anymore
All our dreams seem at a glance now
The things you see meant for me Hurt me all over again
I see that I can no longer make you happy and that dreams were all they really were
I once held the sparkle of your eye
Now the sparkle doesn’t even twinkle anymore
Now it’s just heartbreaks, tears and word that spike like knives
You say that it is me
But it is your reality that you see not I
It is you babe
I dunno maybe it’s me sigh I don’t know anymore
They all have become broken lost dreams

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Thin lines

Thin lines.


Making Dreams Real

Making Dreams Real.


Lessons of Life

Lessons of Life.

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Today Is Here, Tomorrow Is Still On It's Way

When things just aren’t going your way
Months down the road and the path below your feet has slipped away
People feel disrespected and don’t understand just the exact way as they have not visually seen
You feel as if this really may be coming into your last breath that you take and all your life has been ripped away as people begin turning away and stares and whispers all come out your way
Truth is they never wanted to wait any longer to care enough for you
They were nothing but gloat, envy, and greed
No energy left running through your veins your not about to chase them down and try to explain
Your dress and skins all worn and frayed
While there is no tears left in your eyes to cross over your face
As you stay everyday laying in bed
Gasping and coughing for another breath to take
You know that you can’t ask anyone to understand
They can’t
They can’t feel
They cant imagine
They only know if they dare to stay and be your friend
They only know if they have traveled the road along side of you, or of they have suffered themselves
If this is over their head and beyond their grasp they really were never a friend and In the end they are the ones who have turned on you and walked away
However today you are still here, still living and still breathing though it may feel challenged and not the best way
You will still awake for another tomorrow and may see a hope for a new brighter day
Even if today feels like the last has finally came
Those who are your friends will always still remain
They will continue the fight with you forever
Whatever comes your way
Today is here tomorrow is still on its way


Help Your Bestfriend And Truly Be A Friend For Life



What's The Matter With Me…Pink Eye


Pink eye, stink eye
Stink eye, can’t even blink eye
Pain like a knife
You can’t even wink

Hard enough to breath what’s the matter with me
X-rays and breathing treatments being brought in
Blood being drawn
Pink eye, stink eye
Can’t even think straight
This is crazy I have no more fight
This thing is taking my life out of me
I can’t even explain
What’s going on
What’s the matter with me…
Pink eye




Caterpillar, caterpillar crawling around
I see you do you see me
Caterpillar, caterpillar crawling around
Crawling your way up and down the middle of town
What does your day go like each day
Being slow and crawling all day
I just don’t know how you do it so
Caterpillar, caterpillar crawling around
I see you, do you see me too

Written by
BrieAnna age 7