Rest Quiet

06 Feb

Laying here in the dark with silence all around

only one sound of the cats strong purr left to be heard.

 kids all finally asleep

 myself I cant even close my eyes.

My soul hardened and bitter not really ever looking for another tomorrow.

 Hurt within myself

 holding on strong to my christian beliefs.

While Satan has a good strong tug at my heart and soul.

 That’s alright you may try, but you won’t succeed at my life I say.

I will stay strong to my faith in God that my life not making sence will work in me as well.

You Satan will never win my soul over.

 I will fight keeping faith in ours till the very day that i die than to choose to be with you.

You are the enemy and where  I choose not to ever be.

So rest quiet my soul

the time is now yours right now

let the time not waiste away from you

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