Trees of life

12 Feb

You look deep into the valley
looking through the brown thicket of the fields and forests
you look up and you see there are many sticks of branches reachin as far through the sky climbing there branches of stairs into heaven
You look down and you watch the roots of the lives past birrying themselves down into the dark cold ground and down into the center of the earth
Here I speak of trees Trees make images into my head that makes me think of all the lost souls who make their way to sit next to the lords throne and all the lost souls of the deep dark side of Satan burrying into the firey flames and volcanos of earth
together creating creation and the system of life With the brown bark shaving and pealing away showing the ageing and extent of how many lost souls that tree has seen
The grass and fields growing at the foot and spreading many miles and acres of the land makes you see the future ahead showing the era of the new growth ahead of the new lives and the youth to come still on the way
You scope out the land with the history behind and you see the scars of fossil and other natural things that portray its own life story of wars, or fires or trouble that’s come begining to cry in horror of all this truth you fold your hands and begin to pray for the hope of a new and better tomorrow for yourself and all the souls still to come

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