24 Mar

You bring me up when I am down

you help to turn my views of life around

you see thru me like noone does

you make happy when I am sad

you give me compfort when I need you most

you complete me where I have fine line cracks seperating my inner person

you complete me like no one else can

you bring the sun to me even if there is rain

you erase my sadness making me wake up

you give me company when I am lonely

you let me cry on your shoulder when I need a good cry

you give me a hug when I can nolonger cry

you brighten my day in every way

you are my everything

you are my life long dream

you hold onto the love I have

keeping it locked away

where you only hold the key

for no one else to enter in

you understand me when no one else can

you are a frien when I need a friend

what better could I ask for in life that you

we can discuss anything with no mis communication

you are angel i need

your my true one and only

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  1. J. Palmer

    June 23, 2012 at 2:17 am

    Reblogged this on Angel Takes Flight and commented:
    One of my favorites.


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