Within My Heart…

21 Jun

Over the years we have been together next to each others side
Not once ever to part
Now we are separated from the timings in our lives that we can not even focus
Our mind in a blank stare
Asking ourselves the common question of why?
Why is where it all has begun
Eventhough we are apart
I still feel the flame igniting within my heart
Not once ever to part
Now we are separated from things between lives and time
Yet forever still you remain on my heart
I shall not walk away now
But only will draw in closer to you to learn the new feel of this new place in life
I will remain forever yours even still while timing take is apart.
You will always be simply here within my heart
I will wait forever with you so as I myself do not go insaine

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Posted by on June 21, 2011 in Poetry


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