The Way Our Kids Dream

04 Aug

It’s dark and lonely in the deep cold night
The wolves outside howling at the gleam of the moonlight
The damp cool air hitting my face like a cool passing breeze after a storm
You hear silence and the hum of the air conditioner by my side
Alone and things running within my head while trying to rest in the comfort of my bed
With time running slim and nothing at hand
My hearts willing to chance the changes
My heart claimed one one soul man as my eyes seek what truth are around dew around me dripping like rain and rolling like marbles off each leaf and petal It’s dark and damp in the cold cold night
Here alone I sit and dream
Your dreaming has only just begun dreaming of love on what youve got inside of you mom
Thinking of when she first believed. I think we should let here alone. I sit and think of the ways our kids dream

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