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The Drowning

Under water I watch you lay lifeless and alone, yet by inside you always are and never out of sight
Tonight it gives me fear and fright to even sleep thru the night
Eventhough I know that your alright it has set a fear from my sleep tonight
My day went by with it even still on my mind and still I tread myself in the simple thought of the dread
Making another sleepless night ahead I lay my head down and still ponder this fear and dread
Praying and hoping it was nothing more than a dream it still remains within my sight continuing to cause me vast fear and fright making me ponder it ever so more to try to see reality behind the thoughts of where, how, or why
But now I must try yet once more just to shuv it off and try to rest once more trying to slam closed that door

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Each Day That I Travel by That Tree – The Chris Errington Poem

Each day I travel by that tree where you once lay sadly remembering the news that day
Remembering the shock and trying to come to sense with it within knowing that I would never see you again until myself were gone
Each day I travel past your tree this rush again floods over me
Thinking how much we all still miss you so seeing your pictures there on that tree
Each day that I travel there by you tree a sense of thinking of you once again overwhelming me thinking of if you had still Been here yet what would you be doing in life yet. However knowing that you are not and knowing that someday I shall see you again when I travel home to my own heavenly realm.
Each raucous travel by that tree I know your heart is still telling your story throughout this planet and land throughout application you family and your friends
Much of it alone coming from Kevin who loved you so and looked to his younger brother with all respect closest of all as his own best friend, one who was same will always be known as a true man
Still thought about and talked of in life today I still wonder what your life would have been today
Each day that I travel right by that tree where you died and shocked the world who knew you with a big surprise
You are surely missed bit your legacy lives on and I was proud to know you and call you my friend
Rest long friend I will see you again
Right now I stick to traveling each day by that tree where you lost your very life early that day.
With Kevin still keeping you alive since you died
A great brother,good friend, one you called your confidend
One true man he saw in you
All who knew you loving you still
To loose your life there at that tree how sad it is still
But hopes hold high that you are where you were called and once again shall we see you later once more at our end.

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You Soon Will Win

When you are caught in life where everything feels like all is going down, you look around and feel like you are just ready to skip town. You begin to cry and pray for relief for all self worth to feel stable under your feet.
Although there seems to see no end you hold onto your hopes of faith as tears roll from out of your eyes
I ask again what is it that I have done to deserve this pile of shallow heartache and pain.
Mend me Lord, take it all away. Shine my sun upon a brighter day.
When you feel there is no end you say to yourself. Look! Look again. Turn around you soon will win.
Life may not be so tough and rough if you just relax and stand tall and look once in a while. Look! Look again…look at life within It’s face you soon will win.
I know right now it feels really slow and slim, but on the time you soon will win.

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A New Day

A coming of a new dawn
When days of earth are soon done
Bringing forth a new day
Rising flowers dew away
The breezes singing to a wheeping willow
As shadows find the sun
Opening this new day with many surprises and creating a golden gate of fame from the chosen one
Where life brings in many surprises and fills the day with light
Then comes down the night
Silently in solitude to build this cycle again
Creating dark all around hiding the evils which lurk
And clearing the day of all its happenings that settle themselves in each nook and crany beneath and letting the night fall where silence takes the form of all and manifests noise again next day formed again

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A Show

Listening to the silence within I begin to see beyond this minds eye
From earth to fear processing prevails
Not knowing what move is there and if there is nothing left
My mind racing in  a silent breeze
As my life is on a twisted path along a windy rollercoaster ride
My mind not set and left to ready. Is this horrible place ever gonna ever end
It feels like it will haunt and shame me for ever more
Yet I don’t even know why I am to the blame
Suffering the pain of each burning flame
My inner minds are put in full drains
Will this truly ever fully end
My life is laim and not a good friend well, seems to be all just a horrible show

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The Way Our Kids Dream

It’s dark and lonely in the deep cold night
The wolves outside howling at the gleam of the moonlight
The damp cool air hitting my face like a cool passing breeze after a storm
You hear silence and the hum of the air conditioner by my side
Alone and things running within my head while trying to rest in the comfort of my bed
With time running slim and nothing at hand
My hearts willing to chance the changes
My heart claimed one one soul man as my eyes seek what truth are around dew around me dripping like rain and rolling like marbles off each leaf and petal It’s dark and damp in the cold cold night
Here alone I sit and dream
Your dreaming has only just begun dreaming of love on what youve got inside of you mom
Thinking of when she first believed. I think we should let here alone. I sit and think of the ways our kids dream

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I'm Looking Up I'm Looking Down

I’m looking up and looking down
Along this path in life I have found I’m looking up, I’m looking down,I’m finding my way across this mangled ground. Your smiling face is all around. I am looking up and looking down
This mangled ground all around
The evil lurking around every bend and turn
The shadows hiding your disfigured spirit wounded indeed
The shiners lighting your way
Leaving choices that I am afraid to make undecided because of fear of the unknown future coming behind with this upside down life of mine I’m looking up, I’m looking down,I’m finding my way across this mangled ground. Your smiling face is all around.
You take away all my worries and shadow my fears
Making all bothering me within shine again making me feel safe.

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Waiting In Doubt

I lay in my bed at night with tears in my eyes lying there and crying
Trying hard to cleanse my mind
Each thought brought out by each situation in life
Wanting you resting in my arms and by my side
You having all the power and time to come and find me
Knowing the digits designed for me and 601 at the hands and feet beneath me
But here I still lay alone at night with you not by my side as I would like
Keeping me wondering within the night will we make it throughout this life
With bread in our hands and something to eat
Water to drink and wash ourselves again the next day
Waiting to see the sun shining the next day
Everyday waiting in doubt and hope to be in your life
Watching all the holidays and even your birthday pass me by and by
Not once being with you and amongst your eyes sight
Everynight another cry remaining in love with what feels sometimes more like a fantasy than life
But I remain in my hopes and faith knowing that God has his ways even if they make no sense and will find a way
So I search for the next brighter day where a rainbow meets earth soil and smiles down on me.

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