Break Of Day

09 Sep

Well elementary has just began
i tare you to the bus stop in the early morn
Taking one last look at my two once so small little wonders
now such tall beautiful kindergarteners
my gosh is this for real..afraid so mom it’s alright lighten up a little.
We’ll be okay you’ll see
but it’s another quiet day by yourselves without me

i am home and alone feeling the break in the day. Yes girls i know that you’ll be okay.

That doesn’t change the loneliness of the day or the empty feelings side of me

That doesn’t change Star crying for you, her only real friends that she has grown with thru life since she was born. That doesn’t only leave me alone with a frown.

i know that you won’t be gone too long. In the end of the day you you’ll both be back home. then leave again tomorrow at the break of day.

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Posted by on September 9, 2011 in Love, Poetry, Uncategorized


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