I Remain Your True Love

23 Sep

You tear me down and lift me up and through it all I remain your true love

A broken heart is a full heart of love living as it grows

every traggic moment helps the heart grow stronger within

you may hurt me one time now

yet your love pulls me back even more focused and wanting it even more than ever before.

It’s not something I can fully explain in the words of my soul

but one thing I do know is that you truly make me stronger and whole

even when we disagree we still manage to hold on tight

I am not letting go or leaving you tonight

I plan on not leaving you ever as I see

you mean my world to me

you let me be me

you let me stay free

letting me form my own reality

while still protecting me day and night

never loosing me out of your sight

should we ever part I’ll loose all true heart

and eventhough in a sense my love will never die

in the same sence my entire love will completely die

I want to shower you with the petals of a rose

I want to slumber with you on satin sheets

in my life you always will be

it is here you will remain

holding me tight and keeping the will

 as we journey along this path together hand in hand and heart to heart

no matter what strife we have

we will always come bouncing back

Here I remain your true love forever to the end

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