If I Got The News I Was Gonna Die Young

25 Sep

If I got news that I were gonna die young
Would you find your way still to my side
Would you walk with me all the way
Would you protect me throughout all I find in life
I i got news this very day would you stand with me in each of my crying eyes
Would you swim with me on a deep blue ocean before I loose my sight of such a beauty
Would you take me away with an open mind and an open heart in hopes and dreams that we would never part
Would you release me into the wild if the day came that I died
Letting go of my …our life
If I got the news that I was going to die young
Would you continue to love me still all along
Or would you turn to run and hide with our love burning a fire inside
Would you hold on forever even if I loose the time to be here by your side
If I were to get the news that was doing to die young
Would you give up on me and go to look for another love that isn’t mine or will I always have you within my life
Yet if I ever live every moment in life that may just be a very good sign
We would never leave anything behind all focus would remain fresh on the mind


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4 responses to “If I Got The News I Was Gonna Die Young

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    October 18, 2011 at 3:59 am

    I will forgive, but I won’t forget. I hope you know, you’ve lost my respect.

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