Living With Asthma…

24 Oct

Living with Asthma you can never pretend enough air is enough. Your lungs begin to close your chest tighten as if you are being squeezed by a huge massive python. Your cough begins to increase as if you are within yourself dieing. Head rushes fill your sight and bring the beginning of a slight mild headache. Pulses rise, and temp may sometime fluctuate or elevate. You feel as if you will collapse or pass out. Feeling in sought of an end you feel like you will not pull thru. Living with asthma is such a pain in itself as many times you will become easily ill or you will have to live each day by day slowly walking as if up a hill by being tied down from a daily day to sit your time on a breathing machine. Feeling as you watch your own life waist away. Living your life always on the alert and going through tons of hastle just to make it thru the next brand new day.  In relief I would like to say that I would be okay. However you never are sure if that would be right. Tomorrow could just be your final day or night. You keep the hope staying strong while watching your kids in tears sometimes worrying if they will have mom around long enough to be able to see them grow and reach their one big and beautiful day. There’s not much more I can do myself at this time. My asthma just may be the real issue of all in hand. I must just sit back and watch and pray. I guess I have not much more to say. I can’t breath but I have to focus and believe that all will be okay. Living each day with Asthma is never easy. It is emotionally wearing and bodily wearing and physically straining. Hoping that each day is bringing me into better light ahead.


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2 responses to “Living With Asthma…

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