Sixteen Shots Sounded That Day

11 Dec

One shot fired that rang my ears.

One tear dropped that rolled across her face.

Feeling the burning pain from within her heart

Fear filling her as she heads out the door

 not knowing just what she will find or see out in that cold dark night

Police responding just before she got a chance to hit that green button and  send

Realizing as she came to the corner

that the burning pain was right

Seeing everyone swarm to her front door

your heart throbbing beneath her skin

dead silance of fear within the air

What happened

everyone wants to know

With no one wittness to what conspired

withnin that cold hour

No reasons,  or leads to put together

A family brought closer together

a house destroyed and left in rubble

just before the christmas eve

door windows shattered

left laying upon the sidewalk

A mother left to sit and stare in silence disrespect, and dispair

Blaming her teenage children for what she has seen

for the shattered glass and threatened lives

and the house that has become destroyed before their eyes and alone

while she was off drinking while all was going down

A life that she had never expected to see

a life where she had already lost her husband fourteen years back

Spending her own life depressed and shut away

using her hours of free time to drink in a local bar every hour that she may have

Two children lost at fifteen and sixteen

trying to survive while mom just waists away

two children scared of whom to trust and who to believe

Sixteen shots were sound that day

all lives cherished and wrapped in God’s protecting hands

A family drawn together as they never could become before

while questions still claim there own minds more

A daughter left scared and staying away from home

 at a true friends house where she feels compfort and a safe return

not knowing who will be there threatening her or her family again

or when if it happens again

not wanting to go out alone one her own anymore

as she knows not what lays on the other side

Police in questionable reaction

with no one seeing, hearing, or having any sense of motive or lead

 for such a violent crime or reason for such a cruel intent indeed

Everyone thanking God that everyone remains all right

thanking God for keeping everyone inside the house all safe

thanking God that nothing was anyworse out

while still aleart and observing all around

 in hope to learn some answers of who or why this all went down.

The shooting of a friends home just before the holiday’s came

a sad thing indeed  that this happens true

however better the way it went, than how it could have ended instead

cold and sad amongst the holiday’s


That would be much more sorrowful

than what was left here

thanking God that no one was hurt or killed

Sixteeen shots rang out within the deep, dark night

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