The Edge

13 May

You come to the edge not knowing what to door

where to travel, deciding to look aroun

you look over, looking down into a deep dark valley of mystery

Mystery of the life that once was


Who you are now and who you could become

not wanting to see or even know the answers 

You close and cover your eyes

Hoping that this a break at the edge of the ravine

into a deep valley


thinking that this is just a dream

that you will awake any moment

And that all will be okay 


Not knowing weather you will live or die 

Still holding onto what life you still have

Weather you will be here tomorrow


You realize that you need to make a choice

How will you go

Will you choose up or down

Into the deep dark revine or go up into the light

Or will walk away and give up turning back around to head home


What’s the point when you’ve come this far

To turn around closing the door

The door to oppertunity just once more


I choose to go up

Where the light is bright and leads my way

Bringing me out in the edge of reality


Begining the climb 

I turn to look up

Not looking down

Leaving it all behind me 


Contining to look up

I keep climbing high

Holding my head to the light

To climb this deep dark valley ravine 

Bringing me the edge of my reality




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