Angels Pain

19 Jun

You were never there to watch a world born but you’ve heard the stories told
You’ve witnessed the miracles of your very own. You’ve see things that no one else has seen and know things that no one knows. Yet inside of it all you keep trying your hardest to be pure. Knowing that you will never remain truly pure. However even though you’ve Seen it all you’ve still not seen one thing. You’ve never seen or felt the wrath of a true angels pain.
Weights lifted high in her wings she keeps it all inside, when you look her in the face you can see the stains of how many times she’s cried. You’ve maybe seen all that, but you’ve never seen it all. Angel’s pain goes greater so and travels even more. They have truly seen it all. They’re wings hold them sturdy so that the weight will not make her fall. Angels have no one but themselves to talk to and tell and all their pain stays bottled in and hidden. We have each other to discuss and confide, but instead we try to hide and run instead. Making ourselves so weighed down stress and anxiety, panic, fright and depression begin to take over and set in. We are not angels we can not bare that weight and pain. we do not have the angels wings to support the weight that they bare. You’ve never seen or felt the wrath of a true angels pain.


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