This Is Who A Father Is

19 May

This is who a father is. A father is irreplaceable someone willing to go further than the call of duty for his child. A father is someone who stands up for his children and takes his child’s back to take a stand for what is right, best and will protect the child. Nothing comes between a father and his child’s love. His love is everlasting even into and passed death. A fatherly love would sacrifice himself for the protection and love of his child and family. The needs of the child’s would be put before his very own. A father would stand firm holding his very ground whenever the needs of his children need to be met and need to protect. A father knows the wisdom and love of a man and has grown past a mind and nature of a boy. A father is someone that you can trust, lookup to, respect and count on throughout your life. He will teach you just what is right and give you your lessons of and throughout life. A father is a friend. He is willing to be there throughout the end. A father is full of the love and support that a child needs. He is not someone to stand that child aside forgetting who they are. He is not someone to run away from the meaning in life and not hold open the doors. He is someone who is willing to show respect at every moment in need through life minding the sense of the child. A father is a man who will watch over the child and hold close to that child holding the child’s hand all the way through. A father is there for eternity accepting this child just as it is. Loving it from the moment it was known that it had been conceived. This is who a father really is.

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