Why Am I To Blame

30 Jun

I look around me at the world I live
Living here in a place of innocence or is it
Yea so you may be innocent
But is innocent even really good
The more I think about this innocence
The more I see suffering and outcast surrounding me making my own life feel like shame
I lived my life all alone and held my dreams within my heart and soul
But living my life everyday afraid of tomorrow because of how you treat me
Why am I to blame
What have I done to show you shame
I have only tried to live my life for my best
Not doing drugs
Not drinking
Why am I so dissatisfied with you
Why am I to blame
What have I done to show you shame

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One response to “Why Am I To Blame

  1. Kenney Phillips

    July 21, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    i really feel like this am i to blame ,,,kenney phillips


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