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Recluse Spider Bites Again

I walk in the halls of a old hospital with many friends passing me by I am a doctor
Then the hospital turns into a jungle and I am a doctor to many sorts of jungle people main sorce of patients taking care of and trying to save the people from the bite of the Recluse Spider
I do what I can but loose many patients and finally save one but I get bit myself and before I die I wake up… crazy….


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Forty Steps Into Love And A Family- A Journey Into Love

The first time I told you how I felt I told you to give you hope that there was someone in the world who cared and had a deep enough care to be love for you
I broke you from the silence that night as all our honesty poured out to heal each others wounds and give us hope that day in turn saving a life as well

The second time I told you cause I had drawn so close both inside and emotionally and was not sure how long I would have it there in my life

The third time was the charm that woke me up inside when I realized I was memorized within God’s plan that I could not hide no matter how hard I had tried
After promising myself I would not let this go anywhere and I would not get deeply involved I realized that in emotions you cannot always choose what you think is right…. it is your emotions that lead your soul, heart and thoughts they have there say just as well.

By the forth time we both had our own realizations with ourselves that we made tough steps and pulls along the way having our own wars within ourselves and between our selves feeling things we did not knowing how yet to respond
We argued amongst ourselves so that we could try to ignore our own wars of how we felt

 trying to break free reluctance began as we continually told ourselves I am not falling for this one I promised first hand
I will stand my ground and be strong within
That is the promise that I made and I will keep

Making the fifth time even harder than the first although the longer we said this the harder the fire burned burning on the outside as anger and fury
While on the inside bringing in it’s hottest flame to release all the truth of how we really deeply felt within

The sixth time we both finally gave in while tears filled our eyes and we both went silent on speech as we together finally just fell asleep by each others side

The seventh time came and still shocked and still speechless we inch our words out likea turtle coming from out of his shell for the very first time

By the eighth time yet we still had not yet met but all the feelings and words all felt so right no more spiritual battles within we tried to hold back we quieted our souls as we turned and gave in

 Though still by nine we were still timid and shy at this new place we were in
It was not till ten that we truly finally opened up in all the possible ways where we finally honestly admitted to ourself and each other how we felt all along
Saying the words that we had always said but knowing this time that something had changed

Eleven came in and I said it to you telling you when you least expected and it threw you for shock that you could not reply

Twelve stumbled by and you said as loud as you could unable to speak but in a whisper reiterating what I had already said
Three simple word we hear in each of  our days in many ways

By thirteen we had made our own path of all the ways these words could step on

 that by fourteen it was out wide and in the open that not only could we longer hide it from ourselves but it was visable now to everyone else
People would think we were already together when we had barely even begun

Fifteen came and  went as we both vent and seemed we saw then the strength that our relationship really had

At sixteen we began to wake with not even a sound as soon as we both were there just by our spiritual connection we had that we could feel each others presence without even a simple touch as we just got near one another ourself

Seventeen came and we were now comfortably fit within our new role as part with each other all along

That eighteen flew by without even a sight

Then came nineteen like a race car overtime when we each were around the joy and happiness overtook us leaving us in relief even on the hardest of days

Twenty came gallantly trotting in as we  settled ourselves once more and finally said out loud those three simple words in the way that we both reluctantly did yelling “I love you” now so that everyone heard what they already seen for so long

Twenty one is truly where our life really began

Bringing into twenty two all sigh and relief as we had made it this far

Making twenty three a beautiful gift battleing and defeating to overcome all obsticles which had tried holding us back

Giving twenty four the hope it had worked so hard to believe in

Then at twenty five making it even more alive

Moving to  twenty six we are no-longer looking or turning back

While at twenty seven we began working on keeping focused on holding onto each other tight so that if that day shall ever pass we would still be together in even at last

holding tight even at twenty eight we almost fell at that fate

But twenty nine gained all the strength to pull it all back
giving thirty a second chance at life

Now at thirty one we fell again in relief letting all the tears flow out

when then at thirty two we held tighter to not loose that focus once more taking in what we had almost lost once

 not wanting to have thirty three take it all away

At thirty four we opened the doors to bring in new life…

Beginning a family at thirty five
Now we are approacing thirty six and working on finally being in each others life

If all goes as in the plans at thirty seven we should have our own house making all this work worth while

 making thirty eight some real time for ourselves
Preparing thirty nine for one last change

As we step into forty and open the door to the place we will call our home
Here is where we will truly become a true family

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One Time More

One time more I have tried
Though it always seems my line is attached from another side
We somehow seem to be like two shops passing by
One time more I have told you many times that I love you
Bit seems like the words go unheard
I keep staying strong pushing on counting on faith that someday, oneday we will make the climb up or down to meet in the middle and not from one side or the other
That together we will be there to meet in the middle both of us traveling half way
Although now this still seems like two ships sailing by trying to reach the middle  and I guess that is the way this will be
Right now that is really all that I can really see as things of earth seem so far and distant from me currently
One time more I have tried
One time more I have told you I love you
One time more  I sit and watch hoping things will start sailing smooth and we will be side by side and sail away the wide open sea together living free
One time more I say
Come back to heaven and sail the open sea sailing on with me

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I Live Everyday For You

I live everyday for you.
I give my heart and everything for you
I dream all my dreams about you
I would even give my life to let you live
I live my everyday for you
I keep you always in my thoughts so that I can focus and keep myself maintained going on to new levels in life each day
I live my everyday for you.
When I find my low and feel as I have no more to give
This is when you turn and look my way, looking me in my eyes and say don’t give up…you have more to offer you just don’t know
You need to fight and believe the way I do. I live my everyday also for you I remind my self each time of you helping me to go forward and carry on
I look back at you with tears in my eyes and say for you
That is when you have helped me find my way back and pulled me up making me stronger more
I live my everyday for you
I hope and pray for you each day
I would give my all for you
I wish that you feel the same
I hope that you live each day still today for me
That you may still believe in me and are strong enough to give you the go as you do with me

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A Wish For A True Friend

My wish for you is my hope that you may always be well that your heart remain true and there is someone good to care for you may your life be blessed and wealthy on good things to come your way that your life will be all joy  my wish is that you find a plan for your better thing in life will find It’s way to you to lead your journey.  My wish for you is to always be a part of your life. That you never shall be unhappy. My wish for you is that you may always have a true friend there by your side


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The Pain That You Speak

I know of this pain that we speak I may not have lived your life but I have our own stories beginning to take life in our story
Nothing can change what each of us have lived. Although we can change what life we chose to walk together
We can change what thoughts we have and what we believe in
But nothing can break our hearts that hold tight to the love we hold that brings us together to let us feel and know what the other feels and is going thru
In knowing that we can change the pathway into the future and walk together in the making of our future life together after we have grown into one mind and body from the heart we have already gained.
I know this pain that you speak
I may not have lived your life
But in my very own I have also lived it myself
I know the pain that you speak

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Within My Heart…

Over the years we have been together next to each others side
Not once ever to part
Now we are separated from the timings in our lives that we can not even focus
Our mind in a blank stare
Asking ourselves the common question of why?
Why is where it all has begun
Eventhough we are apart
I still feel the flame igniting within my heart
Not once ever to part
Now we are separated from things between lives and time
Yet forever still you remain on my heart
I shall not walk away now
But only will draw in closer to you to learn the new feel of this new place in life
I will remain forever yours even still while timing take is apart.
You will always be simply here within my heart
I will wait forever with you so as I myself do not go insaine

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Love is…

Home is where the heart is
The heart is where love lies
Love is when two people unite together committing to become one life in the journey
One life then leads to marriage
Which soon leads to new life and new beginnings
New life sometimes leads to children and a happy family together raising those children
Love can be everlasting like with yours to mine
It will continue to grow even more throughout the years
Creating trust which leads to a beautiful life together as one
Love is just what it is with many reasons or meanings in many seasons and at any different time
Love is…

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The Years Of A Child From Infancy To Six

A baby lays in a crib alone
Not a word said throughout the time yet as the mother you have heard It’s cries and have heard it different cry alone knowing what that child is trying so hard to say
Then as the child grows from infant to toddler becoming two and three they think they have taken over reality
Sometimes stressing you on disbelief asking yourself is this my child I birthed and have raised
Then becoming four and five the child has now become her independant self that she has created in that of the life she has seen with her very own eyes
Turning six she has changed again becoming mommy’s helper and best friend
Acting to her younger siblings as a little mommy herself and you laugh sometimes how grown she has become
Holding onto six but still remembering her as the infant she once was
You begin to wonder what will come next at seven then you realize how much she has grown and miss her child that she once was

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In The Moonlight Of The Dark Of The Night

In the light of a full moon you can see shadows unknown
As you feel the dark and dampness begin to take over
and the fog cool against your face
Under the moon you become your own monster
The vamps and wolves taking their own form
You listen as you hear the call of a wolf of his own creep in the
Dark of night in the distant light
The dark filled night their lives his own
While people sleep he creeps within the light of the full moon
As day approaches you hear one last call before he hides within a very dark den or the vamps within the empty mansions and graves to keep away from the rising sun of daylight and return out in the passing night once again on the fall of the full moon at night
Changing their form once more to what they once first were no-one knowing until the eve of that full moon
Though even then no-one knows who they just see and hear the evidence of the creeping moon light and that of the night
As one man becomes one of his owns form and travels throughout the wilderness or town taking each different lives they choose but then again hide their form when the day begins to break
Only to again return in the moonlight of the dark of night
Some may be sceptic and may not believe while others have the evidence and have once seen to know the truth if they really exist you must believe and have had your own experience
As for me this all holds true as the night has crept and shown me more than the eye has needed to see I have seen thing strange but real and I believe this tale is not tale but may very well be true

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