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If I Got The News I Was Gonna Die Young

If I got news that I were gonna die young
Would you find your way still to my side
Would you walk with me all the way
Would you protect me throughout all I find in life
I i got news this very day would you stand with me in each of my crying eyes
Would you swim with me on a deep blue ocean before I loose my sight of such a beauty
Would you take me away with an open mind and an open heart in hopes and dreams that we would never part
Would you release me into the wild if the day came that I died
Letting go of my …our life
If I got the news that I was going to die young
Would you continue to love me still all along
Or would you turn to run and hide with our love burning a fire inside
Would you hold on forever even if I loose the time to be here by your side
If I were to get the news that was doing to die young
Would you give up on me and go to look for another love that isn’t mine or will I always have you within my life
Yet if I ever live every moment in life that may just be a very good sign
We would never leave anything behind all focus would remain fresh on the mind


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In This Life

You show up on my property unanounced

Knocking on my window in the middle of the night

when all the world is fast asleep

it’s the end of the day and kids are finally at rest

time for me to get silence and rest myself

I open the window to see what you want

scared out my nerves shot while I was sleeping inside

you begin to threaten and tell me off once more

standing there I say quiet…Do you mind

in fear of you once again waking the kids

i tell you to leave and reclose the window in your face

as you ramble on about going and getting layed

then you complain when I don’t call you and talk

why should I listen and talk having anything to do with a person in this mind frame

who only calls or shows up to herass and threaten one

In my very own place where I should feel safest

I stay up afraid

I am scared to look or pier out my very own window or door

worried that you will be there

my phone dies and even then you go off about not talking to your kids

is this the way of life


but this is the life you have created for me

in this life I am not happy

In this life I can not be free when you are around

freedom of speech means nothing anymore

In this life I should be care free and happy

yet instead I have to call upstairs to my dad waking him from his sleep

 to go check outside and give you a piece of his mind

calling you a sick being and upset with me

In fear I hide staying lick inside

behind the doors of my family’s house

until I can move out to a place of my own

where i can begin over fress and live free and alone

not a suprise at night

not a threat tearing me down

it is my home where I will be quietly

noone to bother me or show up in the middle of the night

Go home and sleep Dan, don’t go bothering me

My life is mine

please just let me be

In this life I should not fear or hide

I should be able to live life with my kids and carefree and proud

just leave me be

Don’t come around like a villan running the town

This is my father’s home not yours or mine

you do not belong here

you do not belong walking the property line

you are not only disrepecting me

but my father and also my family

go home where you live and where you belong

go home and stay away from me and my family


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I Remain Your True Love

You tear me down and lift me up and through it all I remain your true love

A broken heart is a full heart of love living as it grows

every traggic moment helps the heart grow stronger within

you may hurt me one time now

yet your love pulls me back even more focused and wanting it even more than ever before.

It’s not something I can fully explain in the words of my soul

but one thing I do know is that you truly make me stronger and whole

even when we disagree we still manage to hold on tight

I am not letting go or leaving you tonight

I plan on not leaving you ever as I see

you mean my world to me

you let me be me

you let me stay free

letting me form my own reality

while still protecting me day and night

never loosing me out of your sight

should we ever part I’ll loose all true heart

and eventhough in a sense my love will never die

in the same sence my entire love will completely die

I want to shower you with the petals of a rose

I want to slumber with you on satin sheets

in my life you always will be

it is here you will remain

holding me tight and keeping the will

 as we journey along this path together hand in hand and heart to heart

no matter what strife we have

we will always come bouncing back

Here I remain your true love forever to the end

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Angels Live Among Us

Angels live among is they are with us everyday

Angel live among us even when we think we may sit alone

Angels pass us by while we are walking down the streets

Angels wrap their wings around us even when we may not see

Angels are a gift from the one who loves us most

they are the messanger, protector, soul taker who helps lead and guide our journey or way

Angels are real you see

I have seen them all myself

Angels live among us on this very day

Angels live among us every step of the way

Angels live among us right here on earth

you could be an angel to someone else’s life

I am an angel everyday in mine

Angels live among us just as we do today

they live and breathe and play

walking, running, breathing as we do with ourselves

I am a very Angel

I believe this in full within me

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Your Hearts Of Life

You’ve always loved your hearts of life

That I would never take away

Even when your day may seem grim

a heart can shove that away again

Always make your heart light shine on everywhere you go

shine your heart light down a rain barrell

or a tunnell

Shine it even out from beneath of a rainbow

your heart is big and has lots to share

Shine your heart light out for all to see

your heart will guide you and help you thru

your heart will help others know you too

learn to listen in all that you do

with not just your mind, but your heart as welll

God will help you out too

Shine your heart light everywhere you go

they will earn and become your hearts of life as you journey on


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I Will Remain Standing Here Holding The Key

I asked you when you closed and locked that door are you sure and certain that there is a never more

with a shattered heart of my very own I didn’t want to loose the warm tone and turn hard and cold forevermore

I said to you that day that you threw it all away so you thought you are giving up on everyone when in reality it was only the doing of one lone unvaluable soul not the souls of everyone for I knew deep in my heart it could be you

However I also knew that if you closed the door forevermore and really meant that it would never be us

I knew my heart was a jumble flutter the minute you threw the key away

yet I didn’t know how I could save it and salvage you and I to put you to the test

Knowing I had searched on for so long before I located the one I had found I was bound to find a way into his heart even if he wasn’t willing to agree

So here we appear now years down the traveled road never to break us apart

hearts bonded in soul and flesh and not to be forever lost

You are my hearts desire and this is where I want to be

so I will remain standing here holding the key

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One Tear And He Is Always There


As I sit back and think of my life today I sit here whiping one tear out of my weeping eyes
I can only focus on the outside with myself hidden inside
However I hold tight to the only one I have bond myself for life to know all that is worth being in my mind
One tear and he is always there
He keeps me focused on the future ahead and holds my life keeping my head held high in times such as these when I become drained from the stress of the time pulling in and at my life
My love holds tight to him everyday knowing that whatever comes my way he is always there to stay and to be he is always there for me and bringing a simple smile upon my face no matter how tough he has to reach to get to me. That simple tear is what brought us here the first time so long ago
I know that what this life will bring all will be okay no matter how stressing life’s hand hands me he will remain there for me and together we will pull thru and help to pull my emotions flowing out of me so as I will not bottle them deep inside me
He is always there for me no matter what may happen in any time
He sets my heart, soul, and mind free giving me the releases I may need and not see.
One tear and he is always there

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I Was Born To Protect You


I was born to protect you and keep you safe from harm
Yet I keep questioning my ability at this when it comes to this in a tumor or risk of something out of my control of my hands
How is a mother to protect her young when it is something of the nature of this sense
Something one can not see or sense until after developing has already begun
I fear that I can not
Yet God told us I will give you what I feel you can handle and nothing out of the sense of your control
Yet if I can not grasp it in my hand I feel as if it is not in my control
If I can not control than it becomes a threat to me and I feel that you are in danger
However I always know that you are not as you are always by my side
However something like this I just can not pretend to hide
This groosum thing can defenately be seen with the naked eyes
It’s sight does nothing but makes me sit in fear and cry
I will not stop until I see a change
This is a sin to see you in
This is truly horrible
I was born to protect you as I have learned by being protected
However how am I suppost to protect you when I don’t even know what to do with such a huge lump as such
I was born to protect you,
But I don’t know how so I am just going to love you evenmore

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Being A Mother

Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you
You are my child what am I supposed to do
When you are sad i am sad for you
When you are hurt it hurts me to see it hurting you
Whenever there is something bothering you it always is bothering me too
Even if you are not in fear I always fear for you
I am your mother and mothers were made in by the image of God
To always respect opinions even if they may not always agree
Love unwilling and unconditionally throughout everything
Forgive and help learn what is right
And mostly protect you from all harm
These are a mothers charm
Okay but right now I must say I am not fully satisfied today
I am worried about your health today as I am not sure what I am up against with what is visable that can be seen
They said give it 48 hours and it should go away
However it is past that time already today and I have seen no change especially not in the better anyway and it is defenately not gone as they had thought that it would be. I am worried about your hearing of where this mess has layed its bed
I wouldn’t be a decent mother if I didn’t do any of these things at hand
However this obstacle in your life at the present time is not dealing a fair hand
I am emotionally and physically drained as I try to protect you as best that I can and pray for healing that is only of him
But my eyes have run dry and my heart has become bruised as my vibes are speaking louder than my words right now that are not in anyway feeling right right now at this moment indeed and I hang my head down in prayer in hopes that we are almost there. Almost where this healing may be as I fear the worst from the evidence around me that I can see
This is what being a mother is all about unconditional love to this child that she born out

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The Great Big Design

In Life we’ve made many mistakes at times
yet each mistake made we’ve moved ahead in our time
living each hour and day in life as if it were all part of great big design

our love is like this supporting us as we stand
even when the waters are choppy
we out live ourselves still holding tight to one anothers hands

not everytime with even a word spoken
Our hearts sometimes missing a beat
but throughout this wondersful great design
we always remain in one straight frame of mind

life haltering in amongst mistakes and hardships
while with us our love remains pulling us on through
never set too far back
never pulled out of sight
our love has just always seemed so right

the two of us always keeping our heads held high
giving each other a boost when we need it at times
words being spoken without a sound
glances speacking for us without a move of our mouth

My hand always reaching for yours
and yours pulling mine your way
helping us each have a brighter day than the one before last

Not one movement of our mouths
as the glances at silent words speak of it all

no sounds making rymes in time as time is always running on our side

Our hearts pounding so loud people mistake it for someone knocking on the door from outside


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