I Humble Myself To You

15 Nov

I sit in the midst of you and can’t believe how lucky I am and how I came to have you in my life. I subtlety humble myself into your presence as to not hurt or burden you so that you could be just who you were meant and born to be. Not to change you and keep you just as you are, and how I like you in reality. You are really my dream and all I have ever seen within my life of fantasy. You are the personality and style of just the way that I would want my man to be. Kind hearted, down to earth, mature, and honest with knowledge and soul in heart. You make me stay focused and aware of my environment, surroundings and journey in life bringing out the very best of me. You understand all that I feel and believe and never try to change me or force me to see and feel things differently. You in all words said complete me. I can be who I want to be. With you not afraid to be with me holding my hands and publicly. I see this love and hopes that you have for me. I mean more than anything and anyone to you as you do to me. I would drop my life down to floor to save you from any danger and harm. I would hold out my arm to help pick and raise you up when you fall. I would show you all I could throughout eternity before your time come for us to part when you die. I truly humble myself to you in all that. You are, and all that you mean to me. I humbly smile just as you make me notably happy. This is when I realize that I am truly blessed.

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