The Desolate Child

15 Nov

Sitting by a small window in her room she peers out to see all daylight she can. Trapped in a life that no-one understands. They have not lived through what things she has. Surging break ups good and bad. Loosing just about every friend that she had. Surviving multiple rapes that were not easy and the abuse of a loved boyfriend she has hurried herself in fear hiding behind her many a face. To the loss and death of a child and the birth of three other beautiful babies to give them life.  Unable to drive with a medical history turned into a book with how many issues lye upon her medical plate. She has lived a desolate life with feeling of dismay and worthlessness in her head. Covering her eyes afraid to look back or ahead from fear. Locked within her own mind that the demons will coke after her once more again. Her life at her fingertips yet she can’t even feel it there. This desolate child has wasted away with nothing and no-one to bring her back and take her home. With one breath she gasps to try once more to release all this burden away from her. Feeling alone like no one is there she sits and cries, still sitting by that window to see and take in all that daylight praying she will once become happy merely one last time before she dies. Thinking and questioning will there even be anyone at her death or even her wedding if she were to find the very right man to accept her as she is and take her hand, taking her in. Who does she even know without being able to get outside that very window to really experience reality or even get out to mingle and meet new faces whom she has never seen. This is the desolate soul that she was given to receive as her very own life indeed. It is not something that she had choice of or can change.
This is just her life. The life of which she cries and hides. The life that noone understands truly how it feels inside except the feelings of this desolate child living inside. She is just another lost child with a desolate soul forgotten by everyone outside and within her shut in life. She is the desolate child.

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