Loves Passion

07 May

When I look in your eyes I feel the fire burn

your sexy body making me wiggle and squirm

your smile lighting up the room and shining the way with every step you make

such masculinity within those mussels to be seen caressing the built body so slowly with a so soft finger

running my hands calmly down your chest making you relax and breathe heavy with emotion and pleasure

rubbing my leg against your very own as my fingers continue to arrousingly roam finding each spot which makes you stiffen with romantic delight

you can not contain you begin to bring back pleasures again as you rub down the beauty before you and slide right in resting upon her bosom breathing now heavy with sudden want and charm

her fingers running so smoothly yet wildly across the chest pleasure builds and you can’t hold back you begin to penetrate her hard and selfless with each slip in

hands rocking her breasts like no one ever can as you fight to hold back from that ultimate climax you feel coming on one last hard thrust and you release it all powerful perfect and sweet

Intimacy within

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