Fear Within

03 Sep

The wonder in his eyes as he values my love and shows me respect yet I pull away in a hidden disguise of fear and fright of timidness and yet delight knowing his feelings yet facing my own lay two different paths still unknown there was a point I felt so safe nothing happened yet I scared myself away today he tries and I try to find escape as life unknown pulls me back once feeling his fingers through my hair and the safety within yet I pull back to fall away again this is when my fear sets in lost in emotions within my own I still plead for love to him is where I am how do I face each day alone when all I want is to remember feeling his caresses he had always shown torn in two as I pull away facing each a brand new day maybe once I’ll trust and truly find my way but for now fear sets in and hides my face to be with him is such joy but fear within keeps me away

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