Things I Admire All About You

02 Oct

What can I say about you….

Reasons I admire and love you….

1. You love God deeply- you try hard with his love to keep me focused and grounded

2. Your smart and intelligent- making me think about things deeper in ways I wouldn’t think to think

3. Your writing is very deep and amazing- I love it especially when you write deep poems and share them with me

4. Your words are unspoken yet spoken very loud and clear it’s amazing

5. Your love for God is outstanding and forever

6. Your creative work always keeps me smiling especially when you use it to create some special work just for me

7. Your art expresses your deepest emotions it’s powerful

8.Your words are always sincere and beautiful

9. You teach me so much I appreciate it

10. You always compliment me making me feel beautiful in more ways than one and to feel safe with you

11. You help me take care of myself and support me in all I do health wise and in everything and everyday

12. You’re very sweet and sexy and funny I love that about you

13. Most of all I love your deepness in God to help me learn more through my faith journey and our faith journey together when I don’t feel good enough for God

14. I love you

I love who you are in everything you do

15. Your strong and sensitive to yourself and the needs of me and others

16. I like when you bring me up when I am down

17. I like when you pick and play music for me that has reason behind why you chose it

18. I like when you force me to come out of comfort zone and try new things

19. I like when you do things with me together even though you’re physically not here though I miss that

20. I like how you try to teach me to cook

21. You inspire me

– you inspire me to sing to you

-you inspire me to write more when I can’t

-you were the inspiration that built my


22. You encourage me

– you encourage me to study scripture with you

– you encourage me to draw for you when I don’t think I’m good enough

– you encourage me to learn and read more into my word

-you encourage and stimulate my inner being and build me

23. I love how you never see criticism and fault in all that I do

Your inspiration and writing, creativity and art are what keeps me focused to be better for me so I can be better for us you’re amazing 😉

I love you. 💋💕

These are the things I truly admire about you

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