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Things I Admire All About You

What can I say about you….

Reasons I admire and love you….

1. You love God deeply- you try hard with his love to keep me focused and grounded

2. Your smart and intelligent- making me think about things deeper in ways I wouldn’t think to think

3. Your writing is very deep and amazing- I love it especially when you write deep poems and share them with me

4. Your words are unspoken yet spoken very loud and clear it’s amazing

5. Your love for God is outstanding and forever

6. Your creative work always keeps me smiling especially when you use it to create some special work just for me

7. Your art expresses your deepest emotions it’s powerful

8.Your words are always sincere and beautiful

9. You teach me so much I appreciate it

10. You always compliment me making me feel beautiful in more ways than one and to feel safe with you

11. You help me take care of myself and support me in all I do health wise and in everything and everyday

12. You’re very sweet and sexy and funny I love that about you

13. Most of all I love your deepness in God to help me learn more through my faith journey and our faith journey together when I don’t feel good enough for God

14. I love you

I love who you are in everything you do

15. Your strong and sensitive to yourself and the needs of me and others

16. I like when you bring me up when I am down

17. I like when you pick and play music for me that has reason behind why you chose it

18. I like when you force me to come out of comfort zone and try new things

19. I like when you do things with me together even though you’re physically not here though I miss that

20. I like how you try to teach me to cook

21. You inspire me

– you inspire me to sing to you

-you inspire me to write more when I can’t

-you were the inspiration that built my


22. You encourage me

– you encourage me to study scripture with you

– you encourage me to draw for you when I don’t think I’m good enough

– you encourage me to learn and read more into my word

-you encourage and stimulate my inner being and build me

23. I love how you never see criticism and fault in all that I do

Your inspiration and writing, creativity and art are what keeps me focused to be better for me so I can be better for us you’re amazing 😉

I love you. 💋💕

These are the things I truly admire about you

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Fear Within

The wonder in his eyes as he values my love and shows me respect yet I pull away in a hidden disguise of fear and fright of timidness and yet delight knowing his feelings yet facing my own lay two different paths still unknown there was a point I felt so safe nothing happened yet I scared myself away today he tries and I try to find escape as life unknown pulls me back once feeling his fingers through my hair and the safety within yet I pull back to fall away again this is when my fear sets in lost in emotions within my own I still plead for love to him is where I am how do I face each day alone when all I want is to remember feeling his caresses he had always shown torn in two as I pull away facing each a brand new day maybe once I’ll trust and truly find my way but for now fear sets in and hides my face to be with him is such joy but fear within keeps me away

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Loves Passion

When I look in your eyes I feel the fire burn

your sexy body making me wiggle and squirm

your smile lighting up the room and shining the way with every step you make

such masculinity within those mussels to be seen caressing the built body so slowly with a so soft finger

running my hands calmly down your chest making you relax and breathe heavy with emotion and pleasure

rubbing my leg against your very own as my fingers continue to arrousingly roam finding each spot which makes you stiffen with romantic delight

you can not contain you begin to bring back pleasures again as you rub down the beauty before you and slide right in resting upon her bosom breathing now heavy with sudden want and charm

her fingers running so smoothly yet wildly across the chest pleasure builds and you can’t hold back you begin to penetrate her hard and selfless with each slip in

hands rocking her breasts like no one ever can as you fight to hold back from that ultimate climax you feel coming on one last hard thrust and you release it all powerful perfect and sweet

Intimacy within

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Together Forever You And Me

In the bliss of the moment of each waking day

To hold onto forever and sit and pray

You open my eyes to a shining new day

Melting my heart taking any pain away

Subtle moment serenity and peace

Living a dream I never thought I’d see

I wake up to your compassion each and every day

As I turn and look you take my breath away

Smiling and peaceful you put me to sleep

Letting me rest without a peep

Your hands gently running through my hair

Relaxing me just knowing you are there

Beauty never looked so fine

Knowing in my heart you’ll always be mine

Forever and always is how we’ll remain

Together forever you and me

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Forever I Give My Love To You

You gave me my love from the first day yet I abandoned it to learn once again to love

you grew up knowing me in every way growing together we looked forward to today

You promised me tomorrow forever

I promise you today

To stay faithful in the best I can be

To cherish you and take in every journey weather big or small

To be honest with you in every way

I am not ashamed of you or our love

I promise to support you through your ups and downs of health and life

To always remain your best friend

To pray for you when I’m concerned

I promise to love you and respect you unconditionally

Today I share my life with you and love with you

as we step into and begin this brand new journey

making forever a new pathway

I love you not only because of who you are

but because of who I am with you

Your love makes me stronger and better to believe

Not only in you or us but within myself also

I cherish all the time you give to me even on your hardest days

I gave my life to you when I said yes

I give my unconditional love everyday

You are my everything

My world

My reality

I love each and every waking moment with you by my side

I love you in every way

Hold onto this forever and make tomorrow another beautiful and wonderful day to a new eternity

Forever I give my love to you

Forever I give my whole self to you

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For Always Forever

I’ll love you for always
I’ll love you forever
As long as your my baby we’ll always be together
Together is what we’ve wanted
Just you and me
Together forever we’ll always be
You are my sunflower in an open field
And the dew drops on a rose in spring filled day
You are a tulip beginning to bloom that makes me happy for sight of another day
The mold of something beautifully wonderful that takes my breath away
Together forever is how we shall stay

for always forever just you and me

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I’m Not Leaving You Behind

<a href=”💜”>💜</a>/

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Requests of Prayer

Requesting prayers of safety for my family especially my kids. My kids fell victim of ridicule, bullying and racism from humans of the unknown by black minority yesterday and I have not yet been told details but I am filled with fear. Still learning of details and unsure if things but fear is there in all and weapons although only Beebee guns (still weapons) were used kids are fine but emotions are not. I am all loving as Christ raised us to be so I know love. I have heard about the entertaining of Racism but am not anywhere as near familiarized with it or dealing with it because it not choice or practice with me so this is a new journey I don’t particularly really want to be walking but at the moment must stay focused I could use some tips and as I said prayer please.

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The Young Man, Angel And Wolf

The Young Man, Angel And Wolf

Angel Takes Flight

As the wolf runs as fast as he can througout the forrest

 He finds a young man lying unconcious on the ground

The protector that the wolf is he lays down

under the shade of the tree to keep safe watch over the young man

within the shadows he stay till the sun arose the next day

then apeared in the mist of the early day an angel

within the glistening light of the sun

Her hair was so soft like that of soft baby rabbits

her eyes so wide, bright and beautiful

her wings as graceful as those of the flight of an eagle

together they awaited the young man to awake

when he finally wakes and rises to his feet

as the wolf takes his side to protect him

seeing that he is safe not to colapse and fall

as the angel takes his stare

as she gently explains…

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The Whisper Of An Angel

Its a misty, dreary, foggy, grey and eary day
Not a sound to be heard
Only the splish splash of puddles as the vehicles all drive by
Silence is heard from every direction around
As the air is empty without a sound
The temperature around feels chilly and cool
Makes ya just think as something is wrong
The wind is still with just a breeze brushin in with a slight sting to the face that is enough to bring tears to your eyes. Sending chills down your spine your emotions are defined and makes you know that something supernatural is near by.
Then music begins with a tune in your ear
One so close and easy to hear
You silently listen as it clearly is coming nearer and nearer as if for you to hear.
You slow down your heart from from your racing fear to focus more on the message that is soulfully meant for only you to hear
When with a whistle in the wind and a jitter from the chill
You hear a gentle yet soft wwillow as if it were a tiny little owl.
Peace falls upon you like a snowflake of soft falling snow falling for the first time on a young child who never knew.
Listening closely even more aware you listen to hear this message so near.
The clouds lift and the radiant light of the bright golden sun draws in.
Quiet now
Open your ears
I hear it
Do you
That is when the whisper of an angel is near
That is when the whisper of an angel is there just for you

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