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The Hand That Reaches

The hand that reaches out

Is the hand that’s meant to save

to grasp and embrase in tightness, love and understanding of many and all things

the hand that reaches out digs it’s own path and keeps it maintained

it’s the hand that will hold you high not letting you fall to the ground

it’s the hand that you will brag about and lend out for a friend who is in desperate need

It’s the hand you’ll keep around as long as it still grabs on strong that of a forever true friend.

the hand that reaches out is one that will never leave your side.

that will be the hand that hangs on to you and holds tight to yours walking you thru life

This hand embrasing yours never letting go

guiding you forward knowing always what’s got the best for you

it’s the hand that will lead you thru your dearest endevors and throughout your journeys in life

it’s the hand that will keep you walking tall and remind you to hold your head up high

the hand that reaches out is the one that will make a change

the hand that reaches out will give you what you need

it’s the one who will help you find a brighter tommorrow

give you a better day and help you always to find your way

the hand that reaches out is the one with the promise for tomorrow

who will be the voice for the future

who will remain with you for life

It will not leave you to sink and drown in sorrow

or leave you alone when you’re in fear

It will bring hand together lifting you up in prayer

the hand that reaches out will make you stronger holding on together

it will keep you open so that you are able to stay strong and find your own journey home

the hand that reaches out will not walk away when you call on it

it will be there in an instance never to let you down

this is the hand that I want

a forever friend with me

keeping me above them and helping me within my needs

this is a hand that keeps you happy and gives you what you need

it shows you all your worths and knows exactly what you diserve

this is the hand that reaches out

paying it forward

changing time

changing life

changing you and your own life

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Help a Horse this Holiday Season

Help a Horse this Holiday Season.

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Mystery Untold

Where you live an everyday constant unknown in life you live in life with unanswered questions and fight
Never knowing what the next day to come will bring or what shall bring you inside.
With nothing to render and no more to hide
You live out your life to full with so much unanswered  and so many a mystery building inside.
Nothing seems firm or fit together
Nothing learned alone or lost in faith
Everything with mystery and so may more paths unfound.
Life under construction and new journeys and secrets still be found while fantastical things like are mermaids real or not
still have so much time ahead for you to still continue to ask.
With answers still waiting to be found.
I continue to hold hope and belief that all is possible and maybe one day this one answer will be next to be learned as my hope continues on while mystery untold still sits alone in the unknown.

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Love love that comes upon us
Love feels great believe me I know

In progress and written by BriAnna
Age 7

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In The Night. By Brie

Rest rest little head
Mommy’s there in the night
No need to fear
You are protected

Written by BrieAnna
Age 7






Help Find Her


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My Thoughts Remain

I want to be everything you see fit for me

Yet I can’t even see a size that feels compfortable to me

I try and try to look past what’s within the eye

yet the content and safe feeling just runs away.

You honestly mean the world to me.

But contentment is not my best thing within life right now

I want to show you how true that my feelings are but with you not here to show

it makes it hard when I open up best within my compfort within my home

Each Day I talk to you makes an even better smile to share the day after

while my thoughts remain on the could be’s

I relive by staying stuck in fear and doubts that the days will never become to where I really would love us to be

Lost with myself, my life, and even more lost without you

how I feel with much of my time I share as all the time goes by

Thoughts stay stuck and remain on you

when I would rather show them to you while I am there with you

“Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer.”  Barbara Kingsolver

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Simply All About Me

You watch me from a distance in silence and spirit
You circle round over the land and keeping youth eye on me from a glance.
Keeping me under observance and protected as best that your can
Soaring high above to kept out from sight I know you already know my feelings and what I think
Guiding me in flight with every raising height
Only trying your very best to keep me close and safe.
Taking me under your wing as any friend. That would you continue to stand by me and make me feel stable and at ease. 
Making me feel happy and free
Making me feel everything best and simply all about me.


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You Are The Difference- VOTE TODAY

Each year we gamble about what to do or not do
about what should change and what should stay same
each year a new debate about what’s working and what’s Hurting and hindering us
be the voice
speaks your mind
take the vote
YOU CAN be that difference in the next year coming tommorow
Stop being the listening ear monitoring everyone else’s change
help be the change for your better days
say praise that it will work this time and HELP make it right
Make some noise
do an uproar
ONLY YOU hold the keys to a better community, economy and government that we see.
YOU are the Difference

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